Plague Inc: Destruction had never been so fun

Plague Inc Android 2

Creating and destroying might be equally entertaining at times, and that is why games like this one exist. Plague Inc, by Ndemic Creations, is a strategy game definitely not suitable for hypochondriacs, or for those who are very sensitive for this game approaches the user to the appeal of subversive destruction of the humankind by their own hands. If you can put your morals aside, this is your game.

Plague Inc is a clever strategy game, of which goal is to wipe out the entire human race by the usage of a constantly evolving disease of your creation

You create a bioweapon, in first place; it could be a virus, or a fungus, or a bacteria. Whatever you feel like creating, but pay attention to it, for this is a really important thing to keep in mind during the creation of your strategy. Then you unleash your disease into the world: you start by a country, whichever you want, and after that, you have to spread it to the rest of the world, and generate a great pandemic.

Plague Inc Features

Plague inc for Android

It starts as a little thing nobody really pay attention to, a minor cough or a slight rash; something you could confuse for a cold. But as the game progresses and you alter your viral infection, symptoms worsen and your creation can no longer be ignored.

Once your first victim has passed due to illness, it all goes downhill. Which is great for the player.  In order to make your virus an even more imminent threat, and a more dangerous weapon, you have to improve your disease.

Evolving your virus means making it stronger by giving it new abilities and symptoms; that way, it will be easier to accomplish the goal. It’s almost mandatory to do it.

But once you’ve gained those abilities and symptoms, you have to consider the how these will affect your disease’s stats: infectivity, severity and lethality. Just remember every area has its qualities, and they will affect the strength of your virus in that region; it’s something to consider while preparing the strategy.

However, to evolve it, you need to spend “points” you get by devastating populations, so might want to be a little picky with what you choose. At least, you have plenty to choose from. You can create so many different things, the gameplay experience will be different each time.

Plague Inc Review

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Just don’t think it will be too easy. As your disease becomes more and more threatening, governments around the world will start to take measures to avoid infection, but if you’re a good player, you will be able to handle it.

Now, even though you’ll spend most of the time jumping between menus, Plague Inc controls are very intuitive and simple. The app has been cleverly designed to offer users an unforgettable game experience

You can download Plague Inc on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices by buying the app for a fair price: it cost $0.99 on the App Store and the Windows Store, but it’s free on the Play Store.

However, that isn’t the full version, but you will be able to get it through an in-app purchase, if you want it to have an even fuller, sickly delightful experience.