Pixomatic: a fantastic photo editing app

It’s quite simple to describe can this app can do; there’s no need for any explanation, as it isn’t complex at all, and its name sums up pretty much what it is. Pixomatic Photo Editor has arrived to the app market to let us now technology advances step by step, one more every day, and that now photo editors for mobile devices are more of a sophisticated thing and that they are constantly improved.

Pixomatic’s main objective is to cut an object from a picture and put it on another, on a determined background. Its functioning isn’t complicated at all, so you won’t need to be an expert and have too much knowledge about the matter to turn your photographs into masterpieces within a few minutes. Forget pricey, complicated editing softwares, Pixomatic Photo Editor will let you easily seem like an expert.

Pixomatic features

Pixomatic android

The app’s algorithm automatically detects contours on the chosen pictures, and with just a with the touch of your fingers here and there, you will be ready to share your already nearly professional-looking edited photos with the world through your social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

You can cut, paste or superimpose elements on your picture, or even add new backgrounds very fast. Also, you can create colorsplash images with accurate, correct borders, while selective color adjustment will allow users to edit whatever part of the picture they want.

If that’s not enough for what you need or wish, you could add some effects on the image so it will look more realistic; as you blur the background, it will create a semi-professional depth. 3D touch support becomes helpful sometimes, it depends on what you want to accomplish; however, it can come in handy for many people.

You can apply duo filters as well, which would allow you to have two different filters on one picture, on different areas, if you wish so.

Pixomatic Review

Pixomatic android 2

Pixomatic has a user friendly interface, so you won’t have any real trouble; the UI is absolutely well-designed, you can tell immediately. It has intuitive controls and easy access to its features; form the bottom of the screen, you can access to all the major controls. It is really, really easy to use.

The finish can come up as professional, and it will easily let you capture what you have in mind. For being just a mobile app, pictures end up looking like they’ve been edited by a specialist. You can download Pixomatic Photo Editor from the Play Store for the fair price of $4,99, and become an editing artist really quick!