PinOut: Pinball reinvented for Android

At some point, we’ve all played pinball. Either on real life, in one of those pinball machines or on our computers, with the digital preinstalled version of the game Windows had. Speaking of pinball is almost the same as taking a walk down nostalgia road for some. Well, we’re here today to talk about it.

Swedish developers from Mediocre Studio have given one of the most iconic arcade games a futuristic twist fans of the vintage are going to love: it’s Mediocre’s latest game, available for Android, PinOut.

The team has now turned a classic into a completely new concept, full of enchanting visuals and exciting sound effects throughout the many levels the game can offer.

PinOut Features

Pinout Android rev 2

Even though PinOut app respects the original game’s basic concept, it’s something new and innovative, supported by a luminescent setting and a generally involving environment that will surely save you from boredom. Glossy pinball tables, alongside the dynamic groovy, techno soundtrack and hidden mini-games, makes PinOut game so much more than simple remake.

In this remastered version of the game, the player will have to hit the ball and advance through several neon-soaked platforms, connected by ramps that will allow the user to move on to the new table; the more distance the ball goes through, the more points you gain. But you have a limited time.

Racing against time adds PinOut a certainly enchanting thrill; but as it is the only game mode it can offer, developers made sure it was kind of addictive. I, personally, haven’t been able to put my smartphone down for a second.

PinOut’s controls are pretty simple, yet intuitive: you just have to tap left or right, as you won’t exactly control the ball, but the flippers, just like in the original game; it’s a matter of patience, good timing and a little knowledge about angles. But pay attention to where they are, because in the next level,

PinOut Review

Pinout Android prev

flippers might have changed their positions. Carefully keep an eye on those. And don’t let the ball fall back, otherwise, if at least you won’t lose, you will go back to a previous section, and that means you will have wasted time.

Once again, try to avoid that: wasted time is not you ally. Once the clock runs out, that will be it; the game will be over. So it’s a matter of how much you can run within the given time.

PinOut is available on the Google Play, so it can be downloaded for free on Android devices. You can get the app at no cost, and it is important to mention it’s completely ad-free, as it is something that might bother some people.