Piano Tiles 2: Challenge your speed

Piano Tiles 2 is a game for Android that has been in the top 10 of the most popular of the Play Store since its launch at the beginning of this year. It is a game of skill that will test your speed by quickly touch the black boxes or “notes” that are falling as the song goes. Perhaps this description may seem simple, but trust us when we say that is not easy. I dare to challenge yourself and your friends with this fun and interactive piano simulator.

Something about the beginning of the game

In the beginning, this game won fame as the new version of Dont tap the white tile, the first piano simulator of Cheetah Games, which is basically the same dynamics of Piano Tiles 2 although it can be a bit boring after a while.

The main complaints were that the rate did not change and that at half of a song it became tedious, plus that the game design was not attractive at all. These criticisms inspired the creator to redesign their game and launch a new version much more attractive to the users.

And this new version is worth downloading; at first because the graphics and overall look of the game are much better than the previous one, has many more songs that you unlock as you play. Generally you can win a new song every time you finish a game, and while you’re increasing level, the higher the speed of the songs. You can also buy songs with dots or “diamonds” that you can earn by doing challenges like connect several days, share your score on Facebook and more.

How to play Piano Tiles 2?

Piano Tiles 2 Gameplay

The dynamic of Piano Tiles 2 is simple, on the screen of your Android device will appear 4 vertical lines of which will begin to descend black boxes when the song starts ringing. Each box is a note, and if you lose one, the game ends and you must begin again. Each song is divided into three parts, after completing each party will win a star. The final score of the song will be measured in how many stars you gained.

But wait, when you complete the 3 stars the game has not finished yet. It will start a bonus where you can collect as many gold notes as you can and then the song will start playing again but now much faster and as you progress, the faster. With this part, the stars will become crowns, which increase the final score and rewards twice. Here’s a trick, the elongated keys add more points, let them pressed until the end.

One good thing about Piano Tiles 2 is that in each update new songs are added, so you will not get bored of the same repertoire throughout the game. At special dates, such as Christmas, there are songs available for a limited time. The game is completely free, unless you want to buy diamonds to purchase special songs. I dare you to play this addictive game for Android that you can download here.