Photoshop for Android: Adobe Photoshop Express app

For those people, lovers of the good photography and graphics editing, those experts who tend to have the most typical and famous program of the Adobe gamut (yes, Photoshop), you also have a version of it for you Smartphone at your disposal, and what’s better than having Photoshop on your phone with

Adobe Photoshop Express?

There are lots of programs for editing pictures on Android but someone who knows about quality, will also know that there’ s nothing that could beat Adobe Photoshop Express in this area. This Photoshop for Android has more than 20 filters and frames, and you can work with RAW document (a photography’s original format), without taking into account all the basic functions every program with these characteristic possesses: cutouts, resizing, fixing redeye, automatic imperfections correction, regulates color, lights, contrast, among other things.

Photoshop Express app – Features

This program from the Adobe gamut for Android is not the most popular or anything like that, but this is because to make the most of it, you gotta be a person who’s already familiarized with this gamut of products. It has a great similarity with Adobe’s Lightroom, or it’s basically a simplified version of PC’s Photoshop.

Photoshop Express is available for every IPhone and Android Operative System. For those who love sharing their pictures and adventures on the social media and all over the Internet, in general, will count on the option to upload it to the Creative Cloud, provided by Adobe, so that you can have you picture on the Internet in a few seconds

There are lots of apps for editing pictures on Android for free. If you’re a more advanced user in the world of editing, then Photoshop Express is your app.

Photoshop Express app – Review

Photoshop Express preview

The gamut of filters it has will remind you of those typical filters used on social media like Instagram. Even after you’re done with the editing your picture and obtaining the results you were looking for, besides from sharing through the cloud, you’ll have the option to share directly on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). You can even send the aforementioned picture by Whatsapp or text through the app.

As any other app, this one has certain tools that are not free and which you can pay by a low price with a subscription to the Adobe products gamut; with it, you’ll have access to a wider gallery of filters and tools that will make your app even more professional than it already is.