PhotoScan: Scan and save your favorite printed photos

There are still many people who exhibit or keep their physical photos. But those images stack in drawers, photo frames or albums; they run the risk of getting lost.

But cellphone cameras not are ideal for transform these photos, this kind of memories, into a format: the light might be a little more intense in some places, with an excessive brightness and a color balance that might be badly attained.

With Google’s PhotoScan app, there are no excuses: this app has a technology that combines different shots to make your “real” photos a friendly transition to a new digital life.

PhotoScan Features

photoscan android

PhotoScan, Google’s new app, brings us what is definitely the answer for digitizing your photos in record time and without the need of a scanner, PC and others. If have seen the introduction video, you have already seen the system is apparently very fast and offers some very professional and well accomplished results.

Unlike other scanning apps for mobile devices, PhotoScan allows you to take four photos, so that then you can eliminate the traces of brightness in the images and have a larger picture at the end. The application, in addition, will automatically cut the edges of the pictures, so the effort you have to make will be very little.

On the other hand, Google Pictures was also updated both for Android and iOS. Starting from the most recent version, edition tools and filters have been improved. These are smarter and more dynamic than before. In addition, advanced editing controls were added to adjust the lighting and colors.

Once you choose what photo you’d like to scan, try to make sure the source of light is not too direct. Anyway, the app subtle fixes the differences of light. PhotoScan warns that it is not necessary to care about the brightness, because it automatically matched up.

In first instance, make sure to frame the picture correctly so it will show what you want it to display; just ignore if there’s something left on the sides, that could the cut later and corners could be refined.

PhotoScan Review

During the editing process, with some of the pictures, we’ll notice how sometimes the app will ask us to use some focusing points (which you’ll see as white dots). It is important to have patience for this step; this happens when there’s too much of an unbalance in the contrast and the brightness on the picture, then PhotoScan will ask us to focus certain spots of this photo we’re trying to digitalize.

Google’s PhotoScan is a free app and it can be found on the Play Store, ready for you to download it. The app is quite recent, but works very well in its first versions.