Periscope Android App: Live Streaming  on Twitter

Periscope, Twitter’s Streaming service, is growing popular. In its first year of existence – it reached, by the way, this last March – more than two hundred million broadcasts have been created and day by day it is visualized the equivalent to more than 10 years of video in rigorous live. Let’s know the program a little further, starting with its value proposal, clear and direct: “Explore the planet thought someone else’s eyes”, and its slogan: “a visual pulse of what’s happening right now”.

What’s Periscope?

Periscope preview

Periscope is a Twitter mobile app for Android and also for iOS that allows users to record with their smartphone’s camera and broadcast in a rigorous live video, sharing it on Twitter, “the immediacy social media”. As well, it offers the option to save the recording to watch it even 24 hours later

When a broadcast takes place, your followers on Twitter get a notification; then they can access to the video and comment on live or indicate they like what’s being broadcasted through hearts. Also, there’s a chance to produce a private broadcast, limited to the users we want. Periscope Streaming has become every time more popular nowadays.

How to use periscope?

Periscope is a free app we can download from the App Store on our smartphone. Let’s see what steps and main characteristics it functioning has.

When installing it, Periscope let you know it allows you to broadcast live videos worldwide, and on the home screen it says “Periscope allows you to explore the world watching and creating live broadcasts”. A clear valuable proposal, simple and immediate.

After logging in with your Twitter account (or your phone number), you’re presented some users, to give you a chance to follow them, just the way the ones you’re following on Twitter, who use this app.

Periscope start screen is pretty simple and it counts with 4 icons:

  • The “TV” icon, which  shows those users you’re following last timestamps.
  • The “World” icon show the broadcasts that are having place in the moment to which you can access, anywhere in the world
  • The “List” icon show the current live broadcastings
  • The “3 people” icon informs us about outstanding users, trends, and progiles of those we follow on Twitter with our Periscope account.
  • Finally, there’s “1 person” icon, which represents our profile; it offers the possibility to configure it, and it shows us our followers and who we are following with our Periscope account, just like in Twitter.
  • To broadcast, we have to tab on the “red button” there’s on the home screen. We are asked to assign a title – that’s what our followers on Twitter will see and what will make them decide whether they are joining or not – and choose between a public or private broadcasting.
  • We can also activate or deactivate the localization mode, the comments mode, and the tweet Periscope publishes on Twitter with our authorization in the moment the broadcast starts.

That’s it. That’s how easy Periscope works.