Party Hard Go: Don’t be that neighbor

Party Hard Go: Don’t be that neighbor

There are particular games among particular games; one of these is Party Hard Go

Party Hard Go is focused on a more than bizarre challenge: this would be the development of a classical horror movie, with the exception that you won’t be the pitiful victim, but the cold blooded, mean villain of the story.

And once you’ve gone through situations like this guy’s going through, you kind of understand why he does what he does. Because let’s admit it, we’ve all once wanted to kill the next-door neighbors when it’s 3 AM and music is still blasting loudly.

Party Hard Go Features

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Well, now, by the hand of Pinokl Games and Tiny Build, you will be able to live your fantasies with Party Hard Go, a strategy game of which objective is to interrupt parties by killing those party animals

The player embodies a murderer whose neighbors organize a late night loud party, and you gotta ruin it, while you still gotta keep in mind that the police could ruin your plans as well, if you don’t watch what you’re doing. There are 19 levels, in which the goal is always the same, but factors will always vary and you could never know what to expect. In spite of that, you have to be as careful and organized with the every detail of your plan as possible.

Randomness will always affect the gameplay, but you gotta stick to strategies. So, keep an eye on maps, on the traps you can place around, on the people carelessly enjoying. Party Hard Go is not a difficult game: you just need to be a bit patient and methodic, overall. Hide the bodies very carefully and stay away from the masses, or blend, if necessary.

About the graphics, they are quite simple. Party Hard Go has a 2D pixel-art style, and it goes by the hand of that typical wild party music to create an even more party environment.

Party Hard Go Review

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Last but not least, as you play and gather points (which you can easily get as you kill your victims), you will be able to unlock other characters, each one with a different attractive trait.

The game is available on the Google Play Store and you can download it for $6,99. Then, get your hand on you smartphone or tablet and start playing Party Hard Go; have lots of fun by planning and carrying out your plans, and enjoy the randomness of the game!




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