Paperback: The Deck-Building Word Game

Paperback: A Novel Deckbuilding Game

Most people say word games are boring, but once they’re sitting in front of the table and the actual board, playing, they have a really good time: word games do have a bad reputation. However, one you’ve gone over the baseless rejection most people feel towards them, you find out they can be pretty good. And you start understanding why your grandma like Scrabble so much

Now, the problem is, because of the rejection this kind of games usually get, if it’s not a completely unexploded field in the board games market, they are indeed not the most popular. Most people haven’t played other word game than Scrabble: if you ask them what their favorite word game is, their answer will be, of course, Scrabble, but if you asked them for a second favorite, you’ll get most likely an awkward silence.

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For a long time, Scrabble has been the king of word building games, and though it might take lots to dethrone the mythic game, it has at least encountered a pretty good adversary: Paperback.

Tim Fower’s word building game, Paperback, landed the board game market a while ago, but his invention has as well recently hit the Google Play Store. If you had never played Paperback on its physic format, you can now finally try it, download it and play it anywhere, anytime, on your mobile device, and carry the board with you wherever you go.

Paperback would be mashup between the classic Scrabble and a deck building game.

On Paperback, you’ll be a new author trying to make their way through the harsh publishing world, so you’ll be competing against the other players, who are rival authors also trying to make their way on the same path as you. You won’t be exactly creating stories, or even sentences. You’ll be creating words, just like in Scrabble, but with a plot twist: every time you make a word, you earn some money, which you’ll use to buy better letters to add to your deck and hence, create even words that’ll make more money.

Paperback Review

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Of course, it’s not that easy, Paperback makes you work your deck and your way to fame. At the end of the game, the winner will be the one with the highest level of fame.

Paperback has a multiplayer mode (in which, basically, you’ll pass around the device and take turns to make your moves) and an AI mode, which has three different levels of difficulty; unfortunately, there’s no online mode nor anything like that. But it’s still loads of fun.

If you’ve been ditching board games in the past, maybe you should give Paperback app a shot. You can download it on your Android device for $3.99



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