Paper Wings: a feathery adventure with Android

This new free Android game, is one of those simple yet incredibly beautiful and somewhat artsy creations, that easily makes its way to people’s hearts. If you like calm, relaxing games, you might end up loving Paper Wings as much as I do.

It was designed by Fil Games to offer players a simple and quiet gameplay experience, without causing boredom; and now Android users will be able to enjoy the game.

Paper Wings gameplay experience is based on the player controlling cute, interchangeable origami birds, which you have to help fly around. There are about 20 different birds to choose from, many of which are unlocked as you play the game more and more.

Once you have selected your favorite feathery buddy, the objective of the game is collect as many balls or coins as possible.

Paper Wings features

Paper Wings Android preview

Controlling the bird will be simple; however, some movements will represent a certain challenge. For example, when the time comes for you to change the direction where the bird is flying; you need to know the game a bit, to know when and how to do that.

And as it is a very practical bird, it can also dive into the water. It will do so in order to gather coins that have fallen there, but you need to rush your fly if you want to catch them! Just don’t miss any single one of them, or you’ll fail the task!

Take your mascot through all of Paper Wing’s levels, all of them equally beautiful in their own, unique way. As you advance through them, you can add more birds to your collection, unlocking them, while you achieve a big collection of different achievements.

But not only that, as you make more and more progress, Paper Wings will become more and more challenging. Keep that in mind.

Paper Wings review

Paper Wings Android prev 2

The game’s visuals offer a minimalistic aesthetic; kind of artsy, I would say. It’s breathtaking in its very own way. All 10 stages of the game will leave a different impression on you, or that’s what it did to me. Visually, Paper Wings is a delight.

Paper Wings is now available on the Google Store for Android devices; it can be downloaded for free, so you can enjoy this beautiful game at no costs. And it wouldn’t be a surprise if we found out the game will be available for other platforms such as iOS or PC by the end of this year. Let’s see how the game will do.