Organize your life with Trello

Many times in our daily lives we find a problem, we have many pending things to do and we always forget to make at least even one. In the Play Store there are so many apps that work as an agenda, but none one is as effective as the one we want to introduce you. We are talking about Trello, an app available for Android that works as much more than an agenda.

It is fully interactive and also functions as a type of social network so you can share your tasks or projects with as many people you prefer. Delve into the world of the digital agenda and we are sure you’ll want to use it for your day.

How does Trello works?

As mentioned before, Trello is much more than just a virtual agenda. Besides of being an app for your phone you can access to their website to organize your schedule the way it makes you easier. This interactive tool works primarily with a boards system. By signing in with your username and password you will go to your home page where all your boards created and the ones shared with you appear. Each of these boards can be modified as you prefer.

To begin, create your first board. It can have the name you prefer, such as “College homework.” Once created the board you can enter it and create task lists, such as “math homework.” Within each panel you can create as many lists as you like and you can be very interactive with each of them. Organize them or put them priority markers, dates, mini task lists within a list, activate notifications to perform the task; you can attach documents, images, among many other useful tools.

As it you can create as many boards as you like to organize your tasks, from major to as simple as a shopping list to the supermarket. Your boards in Trello can be personal or you can have the assistance of your friends, if for example you have a board of your business, you can include your partner so you both can review and modify the board. So any type of board, you can add as many people as you want to develop work group your tasks.

Trello is ideal for your projects

Trello Preview

The feature that stands out mainly in this virtual agenda is that, as mentioned above, also functions as a social network to give you the possibility that your contacts can interact on your boards. This is ideal when carrying out projects. It is a very convenient tool for work and has no major complications when you begin using it.

Trello is a very interactive tool with a convenient and simple interface. Boards and tasks are easy to view on your Android device and computer. It is a free application, there is a paid version but doesn’t add to many advantages to the offered in the free version.