A normal lost phone: Find the owner of a lost cell phone

A normal lost phone by Accidentals Queens

Have you ever poked around in somebody else’s body, gone through it?

Was it exciting? Did you feel guilty afterwards? Did you find something interesting?

A phone can contain nowadays a person’s deepest secrets. Be careful with those, because you might read something you would have appreciated to not know and get stuck in to a really awkward situation. If something along the lines has ever happened to you, A Normal Lost Phone might ring a bell for you; however, if you’ve never gone through something like that, you might learn a thing or two from the game, take some notes. You’d be surprised how much personal information you store on your phone throughout a short period of time.

A Normal Lost Phone Android games, a game developed by the French studio Accidental Queens, was originally released as a game jammed freebie on April, 2015, and after the striking success it harvested, it was finally release on Steam, and now it has hit the Google Play Store this January. Despite being available for several platforms, it only seems appropriate to play A Normal Lost Phone app on, of course, a smartphone

A normal lost phone Features

A normal lost phone review

The game’s title would be the first thing you could think as soon as you started the game: it has been all made to look like a real (very stylized) phone – music player, a calculator app, a weather app. And messages, too, of course. That would be the nub of the issue, the essence of the game.

On A Normal Lost Phone game, the story starts when you happen to find a phone. And as you’d naturally proceed to do, you start poking it. Once you start reading all the messages, you learn the phone belongs to a guy named Sam, but you also find out far more than that. Once your curiosity starts itching, figuring out more about this guy’s inner demons and daily life troubles it’s completely up to you.  So, yeah, it’s a puzzle game, but don’t think you’ll have troubles solving each puzzle – although you’re not given any guide nor tutorial, you’ll know exactly what you should do. Because you’re poking a virtual phone that happens to be pretty much alike a real phone.

This cleverly presented, touching game wraps a series of sensible, sort of taboo topics surrounding sexuality, identity and others like growing up and self-discovery, however, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the way these topics are dealt with since they are addressed in a deeply meaningful yet very respectful way; you can even come to easily understand and feel at least somewhat related. We have all gone through the harsh stage that teen years represent, so even adults could relate

A normal lost phone Review

Games like A Normal Lost Phone, well, there can be plenty. In fact, the narrative might remind many of Replica (we made a review on it not too long ago, you can check it out here if you want), but this one is quite unique, not only because of its beautiful design and amazing soundtrack, but also because of how it addresses such important things in a way that’s deeply touching and meaningful.

You can download A Normal Lost Phone app from the Google Play Store on any Android device for $2.67; we’ll leave a link down below.



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