Nicki Minaj: The Empire. Join the Queen of Rap in a dramatic adventure

Nicki Minaj: The Empire. Join the Queen of Rap in a dramatic adventure

Nowadays, celebrity-based games are a thing. You would think they’re atrocious, but some of them are, in fact, not that bad. From the Kardashian Clan, to Gordon Ramsay, to Britney Spears: anyone who’s famous enough can have one. Now, by the hand of Glu Mobile, the same company that’s behind the Kardashian/Jenner clan and Gordon Ramsay’s game, a new game hits the Google Play Store: Nicki Minaj: The Empire.

Minaj’s app focuses on rap music. In The Empire, players can create their own songs with custom beats the app has included,and even record their own voices or write their own lyrics to add to their creation; doing this will not only increase your popularity and reputation within the game (which is also one of the goals of it, to build a reputation as an artist), but will also give you the chance to have your song shout out by Nicki Minaj herself on her social media accounts if your songs turns out to be the best of the month.

Nicki Minaj: The Empire Features

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Unlike many other celebrity-based apps, Nicki Minaj: The Empire is unique in its genre. It’s not only about styling your character and following a story line (although it actually does have some of that), but it also gives players the chance to let their creativity out and discover their inner artist

The game’s story line is pretty much any celebrity game’s regular blueprint: you’re no one, and by some sort of miracle, you get to know and become friends with a celebrity, who takes you under her wing and while you start your career as an artist and performer. You goal in The Empire is to build a reputation and grow your number of fans.

But that’s not all there is about Minaj’s app; there’s a social aspect to it. Players can create and customize characters, as well as their own apartments. Also, users will be able to chat to one another at virtual clubs, parks and penthouses; if your rap game is strong enough, you’ll get the chance to boost your fame through social promotion and performances.

Nicki Minaj: The Empire Review

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The Empire’s graphics have a strong, distinctive tone to street art, being full of bold colors and people wearing urban, stylish outfits, and the soundtrack, as expected, has been created with some of Nicki Minaj’s tracks, ending up with an amazing result.

If there’s something that characterizes this game is then its attempt to break the mold, which it has accomplished. You can download this innovative concept to your Android device from the Google Play Store for free; get your hands on it, start recording your own tracks and become one of the most famous users within the app!



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