New Android 7.1 Nougat version on Pixel series smartphones

The new Pixel and Pixel XL will be the first devices with the new and exclusive Android 7.1 Nougat version. We show you today all the known innovations that await us in the first quarterly update of Android finally Nougat.
Then I leave you all with the Pixel new developments and any Android device like the Nexus that will be able to enjoy it once they upgrade to Android 7.1. We are facing a minor update to Android but brings us very interesting news.

Unique features of the Pixel

Pixel Launcher

Assistant Google

Smart storage – when the storage is full, automatically removes photos and videos with backup

Free unlimited storage of photos and videos in original quality

Technical assistance by chat and phone from the settings, screen sharing functionality streaming

Copy data from an iPhone or Android Pixel connected to a cable.

Pixel Camera: 2.0 EIS for stabilization of video software, white balance settings, exposure compensation, AE / AF, grid modes, HDR + Smartburst hardware accelerated and improved.

Solid icons in the navigation bar integrated with Google Assistant

New color theme for the system interface

New selector wallpapers with new backgrounds and sounds

Renovated setup wizard

Dynamic icons, now Google Calendar shows the current day on its icon

Nougat news from Android 7.1

Night Light mode to adjust the hue filtering blue light can affect our rest

Performance improvements in visualization and touch screen

Access notifications sliding your finger on the fingerprint sensor

Updates silent A / B system – The manufacturer may update a percentage of your devices with one version and the other devices with another version to see that update has better reception.

Shortcuts from the application icons

Daydream VR mode

Support circular icons

Keyboards can attach pictures

There are not huge changes but combining them all I think we may have the best Android version up to now. So hands up for Android as they keep working to beat all expectations from us, their fans.