Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Naruto is a manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto and that brings us to the story of a hyperactive teenage ninja named Naruto Uzamaki, who aspires to become someone recognized within their village. A cult manga series that eventually became anime, and for fans of this kind of comics is one of the most recognized up to Goku and many other really know characters. It was time we had the chance to relive the history of Naruto on our smartphone, through those games design studios that are responsible for bringing the adventures of legendary anime series like this, that bring us now the chance to play and re live.

It’s been a few days now, that we finally have Utimate Naruto Ninja Blazing, an RPG title in which you have to help the great ninja teen get away from all those spectacular battles that await you in this new title. Shonen Games make possible this awaited RPG and bring us Naruto to mobile devices and for fans of anime and manga, wchich are big news in itself, as they have managed to bring all the glory and adventures of this peculiar adolescent ninja. You will have the opportunity to form a team that will help Naruto fighters through that turn-based combat that has a great effect on the skills and powers to fill the screen of your smartphone from a great visual and sound show.

Turn-based combat for the great Naruto

Naruto for Android

Ultimate Ninja Blazing uses this turn-based combat so typical of Japanese games where you have to go using the skills of the team members to phase out all enemies that appear on screen. Both Naruto and his companions have their special moves and you must use them wisely inorder to take every possible time, because with a long fight you will be able to direct the blow to a group of enemies or boss.
The story mode of the game is so faithful to the original anime story and gives you the ability to play multiplayer or just against your AI. It also contains a number of social elements such as tables leaders, community events and other related things online you do not get bored at any time.
Also have the ability to deploy the “Ultimate Jutsu” of each character when the time is right, special for fans of the Naruto manga scenes appear now showing the peculiar character with those comics that get good memories.


Putting all this great story, very nice and enjoyable turned base fights with lots of different attacks that came along with the original story and also the perfect video and audio presence makes this new game one of the best ones on the market.

I would like to really recommend you on playing this game and also watching the series if you didn’t already.