MWC 2017 Preview: What to expect

The most expected of the ‘Mobile World Congress’ Barcelona 2017.

February is not just the month of love and friendship; it is also of some other events that may seem to more important for some, the main one among these is, of course, the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain, at the end of February and beginning of March, specifically, MWC 2017 date February 27th to March 2nd. This year this important event where the cream of the mobile industry will be taking place in one place only. And what could we expect from this event? Certainly surprises, but also big releases, already expected by many.

Mobile World Congress 2017 Phones

This congress has been celebrated since year 2006, in Barcelona, and will be taking place there until 2018. So, until then, Barcelona is the Mecca of mobile technology and all kind of related things. On previous editions of this conference, we saw releases such as the 4G network, the insignia phones of large companies such as Samsung, LG, Sony Blackberry at the time, among many others, so what can we expect for this year’s event? Here’s the answer.

MWC 2017 Samsung

  • which is one of the companies that has taken most advantage from events like this, we can expect simple things: the renewal of its tablet line Galaxy Tab, as well as some accessories and another surprise; like the presentation of a device’s bendable or “flexible” screen, so we are still very interested in what they have to offer, and based on the size of their stand, it will be big thing Samsung has prepared for us. What we should not expect is the launch of the much-anticipated Galaxy S8, since the Korean company announced that it would not be present at the congress, but instead, it would be announced at the beginning of the second trimester of the year. This is due to Samsung’s wish to ensure the quality and safety of the product after what happened with the defective Note that came out the last year.

MWC 2017 LG

  • Is another giant of the industry that if is expected to reveals their newest, hottest insignia model, the G6, after the apparent failure of its G5 model, the first modular device in the market. We hope that LG is redeemed with their G6, going back to the traditional but pointing towards innovation. A few days ago, it was published a video where consumers discussed the most desirable characteristics for a smartphone, and apparently, the new LG model has them all. We know that is all advertising but if we are sure about something, it is that this company can surprise us.

MWC 2017 Sony

  • will also be present at the congress, and although lately it hasn’t done too good in the field of mobile telephony, we know that the Japanese giant has always had the ability to surprise us. Despite there is nothing specific about their presentation, we do know it will introduce a substitute for their Experia Z5, but not much more, not to mention that this announcement will not be public but for a small group of guests, which increases the expectation. What do we know so far? Not much; only that it will feature a Snapdragon 835 processor, a 5.5-inch screen with 4K resolution and something else. The RAM memory has not been confirmed yet, so, by now, what we do know is that the device has very good carriage

MWC 2017 Nokia

  • will also make an appearance. After the failure of the brand in their alignment with Microsoft to produce the Lumia series, Nokia (or rather, the owner of the rights to the HMD mobile phones brand) is expected to raise again the name of the company with its new line of Android phones, although with a mid-range model what we can comment on it is that is not making a big gambled. A lot has been said about the presence of Nokia 5 in the congress, but there is no real way to know until we see it with our eyes. For now, we can only that this soft, gentle start obeys a strategy to position in the market.

MWC 2017 Huawei

  • is another of the companies that will have its share in the Mobile World Congress and it is that the Chinese giant has been very active lately. We already know that their insignia models will be present, with the Huawei P10 and the P10 Plus, which have an excellent appearance and it is all know about them already, but other accessories are expected as well, such as a the VR helmet and a new launch on its tablet line.

MWC 2017 New Smartphones

Other big companies like HTC have a place in the congress because this expects to return and take its part of the market with the launch of their new smartphone. Blackberry will be doing the same after going through very tough times; in the Congress this year. they will be introducing the Blackberry Mercury, which many have been waiting a long time for. Lenovo goes down the same road with Motorola and the launch of its new device, which some aim to make it the successor of Moto Z, but others, instead, hope that it becomes a new model of the G line.

The congress is very awaited because of large number of announcements that are made both in the device area as well as other areas, such as consumables, accessories, robotics, virtual reality and much more but possibly the most awaited this year is finally the launch of the highly anticipated 5G network. Considering the advances that have arisen lately, is it expected that at least it is given an approximate date for its commercial availability, and this is certainly the most anticipated by all.

If you do not know what this is or you’re simple not up to date with these innovations the 5G connection would provide, we invite you to go to this article and read a bit about it.



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