MWC 2017: Official Day 1 Summary


MWC 2017 Day 1: Summary of the main Announcement

Today, Monday, is perhaps the most important day for smartphones worldwide, since the most important event has finally opened. The MWC 2017 Barcelona has started yesterday, and Monday was just the first day. One very hectic day on which we saw a wide variety of news and events.

Although leading firms presented their new products yesterday, the Mobile World Congress has officially started today. For this reason, let’s summarize the whole intense day there just was in Barcelona; of course, commenting on what has been presented and who made it.

MWC 2017 Day 1: Sony Presentation

MWC 2017 Day 1

This MWC 2017 is really a case. We feel like we’ve gone back in time; companies we hadn’t seen in a while made an appearance, like Nokia and Blackberry. It is true indeed that they haven’t quite made a proper presentation yet, but we are pretty sure these next few days they’ll give a lot to talk about and they’ll have all the eyes on them because of their past.

But this first day, the stars that stole the show were the MediaTek Helio X30 and Sony’s press conference to make public their catalogue for the next six months. A mobile phone of the most expensive, the Sony XZ Premium, besides from the Xperia XA1 and XA1 Plus, and a concept we are loving: the Sony Xperia Touch.

What could be observed about this device, the Sony Xperia Touch, that will be Sony’s high-end insignia, was its power. It complies with all the power requirements you can demand from a high range; that as well as a beautiful design and its name having a reason behind it. The interactive projector’s touch detection system is about the price we have seen on the market so far till now. On this first day of the MWC 2017, this Sony Xperia Touch has made us happy. The same can’t be said about the reaction they caused when they made public the Sony Xperia Touch Price, which is 1500 Euros. Something really very expensive, even for a high-end device.

ZTE Presentation MWC 2017

Another of the logo blocks the manufacturer Sony has presented we’ll talk about now in this MWC 2017 First Day summary is the Xperia XZ Premium. A beast with a 4k screen with HDR, 835 Snapdragon processor and improved camera that gives even the stronger companies like Samsung shivers.

Others manufacturers like ZTE and Wiko, next to LG and Huawei’s presentations from yesterday, show that in this 2017, smartphones camera have become in the hardware of reference. Screens and processors stay second in the background, and now what makes the difference are dual cameras and image enhancement technologies.

The Chinese company ZTE didn’t want to stay behind Sony in this race. They also stood out, premiering their secret weapon on this MWC 2017, the ZTE Blade V8, a medium range smartphone but gifted with a dual camera, which was a pleasant surprise with a comfortable price.

MWC 2017: Alcatel

Other major contributions from several companies were also noticed in this MWC 2017: Day 1; we can make a summary in the following way. We have seen the new UPulse, with its fingerprint reader able to assign actions to five different fingerprints, as well as the more youthful Jerry Max and Sunny Max, which shine because of their huge battery. Jerry Max’s reaches 4,900 mAh.

One of the most original models has been the A5 LED Alcatel, a smartphone which rear cover has LEDs to display notifications or change to the rhythm of the music. This is a very cleverly designed smartphone that comes as ingenious, interesting and youth, and it has left us with our mouths open and a pleasant impression with its LED lights.

Mobile World Congress 2017 First Day: 5G

But if there was one recurring theme in that second half of the Mobile World Congress 2017 first day, that was the arrival of the mobile new generation. Aka, 5G networks. A new step towards faster speed connection and higher bandwidth which, however, faces two major obstacles in their development: the complications of amortize current newly installed 4 G networks and the lack of standards, and even a unanimous definition of what 5G is. Previously, we made an article on 5G in Reviewdapps; you can take a look at it clicking on the following link.

In a nutshell, the protagonists of the first official day of the MWC 2017 were Sony, ZTE and Alcatel, and the 0 day the event opening were Huawei, LG and Samsung.

MWC 2017 Sony overview

SONY has unveiled the Xperia XZ Premium (high end), Xperia XA1 (mid-range), and Xperia XA1 Ultra phablet. This new Sony line has taken all the protagonism; we have here a very powerful, enviable smartphone ranges with an incomparable performance and an attractive yet not-so-surprising design.

MWC 2017 ZTE overview

ZTE, the Asian brand, has clearly opted for a niche in the competitive segment of middle and upper-middle range. With its new ZTE Blade V8 and V8 Lite Blade they enter the race; both characterized by a good combination of power and high performance cameras with a curious blur or 3D visual effects.

MWC 2017 Alcatel overview

Besides from the already mentioned phone with LED screen Alcatel has presented, which has possibly the most striking design of this day, the Alcatel A5 LED, Alcatel has made special emphasis as well on the productivity segment betting on Windows 10 as operative system for their new 12-inch tablet (Alcatel PLUS 12, available for 499 euros from July) and its smartphone, Idol 4 Pro (5.5 inch).



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