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Must Have Android Apps For You New Android

We just celebrated Christmas not too long ago, and people usually leverage around this time of the year to renew their smartphone or some will be buying themselves a smartphone for the first time. If you feel the need to buy a new Android and after unboxing it, you don’t know what to do or what you should install on your Android first, here we will leave you a list of the best Android apps of 2017 that you must have

So that you won’t fill your head with a huge list of many names, as we usually get to see with over 100 of the best Android apps, here, we’ll leave you a more reduced list but with just the best of the Play Store to keep your Android optimized, a list of must-have Android apps.

It is normal that several of the apps that we indicate are preinstalled by default on your phone (especially Google apps), but what is certain is that they will be all useful before or after for everyday situations:

Social Networking Apps

These can’t ever miss on any Android Smartphone: new social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, so you can share with everyone your new acquisition.


All the classics are always a good choice when it comes to having the best browser app; classics such as Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome would be it. But there are other less known apps you could also get and which could bring many advantages. One of these, the most outstanding one, is Dolphin Browser.

  • Dolphin App: This browser has been ruling over other browsers for Android for a long time, as many consider it the best browser app for Android. Many of your specifications exceed the average of other famous browsers, Dolphin stand out because of its great navigation speed; in fact, it has the fastest HTML 5 engine market.

Instant Messages Apps

It is difficult to just pick one when the time comes for you to choose the best instant messages app, but undoubtedly, some that must mandatorily be on your mobile device are:

  • Telegram: This app is much simpler and easier to use than Whatsapp, and actually has very superior qualities to it despite being less used around the world. Telegram is Whatsapp’S direct competition on this field; many talk about Telegram vs Whatsapp, for this, we’d have to write an entire article, but besides from Telegram, which is better since it’s completely free, ad free and also open source.


  • Whatsapp: There is not much to say that hasn’t been said about this app before; it’ the giant on this field in every way and the best instant messaging app so far.


  • Messenger: A more humble app developed by Facebook and is basically for your Android Facebook chat; on here, you can chat with your friends without having to open any of other social networks.



Explorer apps are very useful: they will help you manage your Android very easily, from emails to functions and files, it will organize it all itself, making it easier how you manage yourself on your Android.

  • Solid Explorer: Undoubtedly, the best explorer for Android is Solid Explorer. A very complete browser with a simply astonishing performance that gets to reign over the rest of its competitors on the market for a few years now. A file management program that will make your life more simple.



We all have leisure time during which we want to hang out, perhaps while on a queue, or while waiting for an appointment. In general, games are something very important for almost everyone who owns a Smartphone. We recently made a post about the best Android games of 2016. We’ll leave you a link here you if you want to check that out and so you can see yourself and pick one according to your tastes.


Downloading and browsing constantly on the web in our Smartphone, besides from using USB connection among other things, can be a risk for out device. Here’s the importance of having the best Android security apps and here’s the absolute the winner:

  • Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus:If you are looking for an effective, complete suite, not only to protect your mobile device, but also to optimize its performance, Avast! offers its users an all of this in one handy app. 99.9% efficiency in malware detection. Wide variety of functions. One of the most complete anti-theft system of the market (location, photo, alarm, etc). Cleaning of unnecessary files. Smart settings for battery saving. It backs up and informs us of where the advertising that pop ups when browsing the internet comes from.


Google Apps Kit

Our Android device will have by default many of Google’s apps preinstalled, which are already pretty much the best in the market. We have Google Maps, to view and plan our travel routes; Google photos, to manage our photos and images; Google Drive, to have simple access to the cloud; Google Now, as our virtual assistant.

But there are other Android apps from Google that makes life easier for us and that are not included. An example would be Google Keep or Google Calendar, and as these are developed by the same company, they can easily integrate on our Android

  • Google Keep: A Note Manager is critical to our day to day: reminders, shopping list, write down ideas. All synchronized in the cloud for easy access anywhere and from any device.


  • Google Calendar: There are many good calendar apps, but the Google Calendar is the most easy-to-integrate because it’s Google’s and has been designed to have good synergy with all other Google apps (for example, if you receive a mail with airline tickets, it will be automatically add an appointment on your calendar to correspond with the dates of the trip). It is often upgraded on the Play Store and is effective.


These are only some of the must-have Android apps: there are many others that will make your life a lot easier. But only with these you’ll have a more optimized smartphone and that will help you stay up to date on what you could do with a minimum effort. We will make a second part for this article some other day.



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