Muscle Premium: Human Anatomy, Kinesiology and Bones on Android

Muscle Premium for Android  is the app with the most realistic, advanced and complete 3D model of the human musculature that exists for Android in Play store.

This app includes completely new muscle and skeletal models, created by a team of expert medical illustrators with decades of experience in biomedical visualization. These experts work alongside with professors and professional of the area, who check on all the models and definitions.

Muscle Premium is an app meant for Android nad IOS devices, recommended by physiotherapists, sports coaches, massage therapists, orthopedic specialists and anyone with real knowledge in the area.

Muscle Premiun app has won a great amount of awards; it’s in fact, the most awarded teaching app based on 3D models of all times, alongside of Visible Body, a group of experts in the medicine area who always come up with apps like these.

Muscle Premium Features

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In the Visible Body app, we will be able to observe in a superior quality 3D model, muscles of the neck with a selection of bones, ligaments and the peripheral nerves, the muscles of the neck of the actions, and questionnaires.

  • Models of muscles, bones, ligaments and nerves that can be studied to unlimited levels of different zoom and angles.
  • More than 2,200 points where muscles originate, inserted and fixed to the bones.
  • Tests that challenge you to rotate, zoom in or dissect to select the indicated structure.
  • Animations of muscle actions that can be set to unlimited levels of different zoom and angles.
  • You can explore with the zoom all the areas of the body that want.
  • Muscle Premium 3D comes available in over 7 languages so that experts around the world can enjoy this app.
  • Test questions so that the knowledge that you are getting is put in practice.
  • Muscle Premium app brings step presentations of more than 20 common pathologies in 3D

Muscle Premium Review

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Not to mention a lot of uses experts in the field can give it; definitely an ideal assistant for all medicine students, and even for facilitating the work of professionals.

It is important to mention and make clear that Muscle Premium 3D for Android is a fairly large app for your smartphone, due to its amazing graphical interface, pretty powerful for certain low-powered app. Mobile devices may run very slowly or even get to cause errors and shut the app.

Muscle Premium app is paid; it has a relatively high cost compared to others, but the price is worth it, if you are a student or professional. We recommend it with our eyes closed.