Mobius Final Fantasy for Android

This is a very important year for the Final Fantasy franchise, one of the largest and most respected video game industry ever. After some years of development -”lots for the fanatic ones as me”, finally Final Fantasy XV will become available. In addition to launching a lot of fresh trans media content, the new epic saga from Square Enix intend to use the momentum offered by the brand, to take various spin-offs.

Mobile devices have become an ally without comparison, to broaden horizons and meet demands that have been patiently waited by the fans. Just a few weeks ago that Final Fantasy Brave Exvius became alive for mobile devices. Now, with very little time margin, we have with us Mobius Final Fantasy, another episode that can be accessed from anywhere via smart phones or tablets.

Mobius Final Fantasy was available since June in Japan and we finally received it in our lands. Although many could be disappoint when they realize that the game is completely in English. Some Spanish subtitles, as in the mentioned Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, would have become handy.

Fortunately, the weight of the plot in Mobius Final Fantasy is not too tough, so its history can be understood with some ease, serving as mere accompaniment, with a rather flat development, despite what seems to offer at some initial moments surrounded with an aura of intrigue.

It all begins after the classic memory loss, a totally stereotypical character called Long (although we can choose the name that we please). The protagonist, wakes up after a hard night at a place called Palamecia, which is where they end up all those who have lost their way. All while a voice call Vox puts us in history, surrounding his words as mystical and mysterious approach. Although as we say, this plot device is too trite and as we move forward in the game is losing strength towards the playable section, which is where the essence of the game lies.

You could say that the combat system is a hybrid that retains the essence and aesthetics of the saga along with the use of these cards, which are used to perform special actions, and there is even the presence of familiar characters of the Final Fantasy universe. Its use does not have much mystery, not much practice is needed to know which is the right choice at all times.

Mobius Android

The battles are not only governed by the cards, but you can also choose the action, measured by shifts in the style of the classic deliveries. In addition, no missing elements ‘house brand’ as all kinds of magic attacks to break defenses. A direct and foot system, even in long sessions can be quite heavy. Remember that there are no exploration, no conversations with other characters or other signs of the series themselves. Combat is the main source of Mobius Final Fantasy. And that may result a little ballast for some.

For many others, a ballast could be that Mobius Final Fantasy is a game that requires a stable Wi-Fi connection to work properly, because of its high graphics load. This is because the game processes your visuals via streaming, and makes it impossible to enjoy a 4G connection. This makes you lose some sense for a portable design, but due to the technical requirements of the title, on the other hand passes bill with some other polygonal and various slowdowns’ error. If you have a terminal or mid-range tablet, it will probably not work perfectly, something to keep in mind.


Very Entertaining in short periods of time, Mobius Final Fantasy is an interesting hybrid, but unable to excel in the most important aspects of a video game for mobile devices. Recommended for fanatics that know what to expect and still loves Final Fantasy as me.