Miwuki: Best app for finding yourself a new pet

Miwuki: a social network for pets

Miwuki seems like one of those mobile app we don’t know very well because there hadn’t exist anything like them. Despite how harmful it might get to be spending the whole day on the Internet and the growing concern for the addiction to mobile devices, we keep believing that new technologies, properly used, always favor the improvement of the world in which we live. Miwuki is one of the Android apps, as a showcase, where you can find your best friend through adoption.
Because of this, we haven’t hesitated to give the app a shout out: Miwuki. It’s a way of showing you all shelters so you don’t have to go from page to page on Google. And, obviously, all the cute little animals looking for a home.

A communication bridge between shelters and adoptive parents. Basically, Miwuki app is a social network for adopting all kinds of pets; this is why we’ll make a Miwuki app Review, with which you’ll end up happy to have heard this app and possibly find your canine or feline companion thanks to it.

Miwuki Features

Miwuk counts on the support of 10000 shelters on a global level in nearly all countries, working together actively to give a second chance to every dog, cats and all pets that have unfortunately been abandoned or lost.
Big problems require big solutions, but this one is very simple. Miwuki is a simple app that performs a very complicated activity; the management of pet adoptions, getting both the animals and their future owners in contact. Once installed, with your Facebook profile, you can browse through the different tabs of pets looking for a new home. If you click on the picture of any of them, you can see their, the shelter’s address, their characteristics and history.
There are currently more than 90,000 animals registered in Miwuki Pet Shelter and growing as more shelters join . You can search for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and more that will join soon. You search for a type of pet and you’ll see all those furry, adorable animals you can adopt.

Miwuki Review

If you have installed the app and browsed on it, you’ll know it’s not possible to browse by breed. That’s because of the developer’s philosophy and a way to give visibility to all animals. People can browse for a specific breed without realizing there might be many others that are also beautiful. Currently, you can filter your search by location, species (cat, dog, ferret), gender and size. When we go into the profile of a cat or dog, we can see their age and status (neutered, vaccinated, etc..).
Many have downloaded the app and been surprised that they ask for money to adopt. I was surprised as well, but everything makes sense when they tell you that it’s mostly to cover medical and food expenses of the animal.

If you are interested in adopting a pet, you have various options when it comes to the search for the perfect pet for you. For example, through an affinity test for the system to recommend you the animals that suite the best your profile, habits and tastes.
Thus, matching the character of the animal with their prospective adoptive parent’s lifestyle, it increases the likelihood of permanence of the pet with their new family to avoid future abandonments. In addition, it will greatly facilitate all adoption procedures: you just have to directly contact the shelter. And we should add to all this, that the app is completely free and will remain so, developers of the same asure.



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