Mini Metro: A small version of your city’s subway

This simulation puzzle game, Mini Metro, has attracted a lot of people thanks to it minimalistic aesthetics, but they’ve probably liked it because of much more than that. After all, the game has had an overwhelming success on PCs and now, after being nominated for the BAFTA Awards and being honored with an IGF award, it extends its empire towards mobile devices

Mini Metro for Android, developed by the New Zealand team Dinosaur Polo Club, is a subway management simulator. If you’re a fan on inner workings, this might be just the game for you.

It’s somewhat incredible what the developers have accomplished by turning something as ordinary as the subway system into such as fascinating, involving puzzle game.  Even though the premise might sound dull, it actually turns out to be the absolute opposite as what you expect; yes, it’s great and a bit addictive in spite of its simplicity.

Mini Metro puzzle strategy video game

Mini Metro Android Game

Mini Metro is a game about planning routes, more specifically, subway maps.  Players start with a few stations, and over time they’re tasked with making new lines. The objective is to keep things working smoothly, but the longer you play the more difficult this will get. This is because your metro system will only get more and more complex.

Game will be over when the player can no longer satisfy customers, making them wait for too long at their stations.

Settings, as mentioned previously are pretty minimalistic, yet quite flashy. The light cream backdrop only emphasizes colorful train lines and tunnels.

However, each station will be represented by a different geometrical shape, so it won’t be easy to confuse them. Mini Metro’s animations are equally beautiful and entertaining as well, as you can see the trains moving around the city and picking passengers up just like you have set them to do.

Mini Metro for Android Review

Now, Mini Metro app controls are really simple: users just have to draw lines from a point A to a point B, so that they can connect stations and get trains running. As the games advances, users can get upgrades for their systems, such as the options to add more train cars, tunnels, or larger capacity train carriages.