Microsoft Selfie: Slay with your selfie game for Android

This app saw its birth at the beginning of the year; although the manufacturer, which is Microsoft, decided to launch it for IOS, it was not really certain if the app would ever be launched at some point for Android devices.

But it has recently made it and every Android smartphone owner can find available on the Google Play Store one of the best apps for photo editing, and it is Microsoft Selfie.

Microsoft Selfie has a few algorithms that will improve out selfies with one touch. The app takes into account details such as gender, age, tone skin, lighting and other variables to apply its settings and automatically improve the quality of the photography.

Some of these improvements revolve around the environment to reduce noise, exposure, color and smart improvements.

Microsoft Selfie features

Microsoft Selfie for Android

Microsoft Selfie is a very simple app, with a friendly interface for any type of user interface. In fact we can take a picture from the app or upload it from the Gallery if you simply want to improve it. On the other hand, it has 14 adjustable filters to give selfies little changes.

At any time we will be able to compare the result with the original photograph by touching the button “Compare” that will be displayed on screen. Another detail that is worth mentioning is that you can save the image as a profile picture, already cut to establish it as such.

The result Microsoft Selfie app will give you is a pictures with smartly softened skin around the face and other zones the app’s algorithm itself detect as “the most relevant”; it is important to mention that this is still editable to one’s tastes. You can also pick the grade of the effect you want applied to the face through a bar

Another very important trait the Microsoft Selfie app offers all of us who use Android devices, is that once you have completely edited photo and you are satisfied with the results, you will be able to easily share the selfie on our social media from the app

Microsoft Selfie Review

There is evidence that the Android version may not be as good, though. The app is now available via Google Play, and the reviews don’t seem to be very friendly. It has the rating of 3.5 of 5 stars; some have complained that the app has the ridiculously large size of more than 60MB, while others lamented crashes and that it actually does not offer a noise reduction as the iOS version.

It is important to remember that the app just this recently coming to Android devices; we hope that over time, Microsoft can offer us the same quality it gives IOS users. For those who want to try it, the app is totally free and no one better than you to give a verdict.