Metanoia is a Incredibly thrilling interactive Android game

Metanoia is a Incredibly thrilling interactive

For mobile devices, we always find the same games, action or adventure games in general. Something to spend a while with, that’s what mobile games should be meant for (and that is only the writer’s personal opinion), so I prefer them like that: simple games that do not require much time and that are good enough to spend some time playing it.

Of course, there are also those who see their android phone as a game console and demand very developed games. In
general, we can almost always find those two categories, casual games and hard games, but sometime rare games appear; games that are not easy to classify, and which are considered by many, a jewel. This is one of those cases.

Metanoia Features

Metanoa android game

Metanoia is a word that is used to define a point where someone changes their position towards something; it’s like a milestone in life, when you decide to take something back and head to another route. This android game basically leads us to make choices; choices that will affect greatly the future outcome of the game, so you need to take them with confidence.

The app simulates a messaging service, which is the only way to communicate with Sam, who as it seems, is the only survivor to a monstrous tragedy and you are his salvation; help him advance, advising him about the decisions he makes on his way to survive, but remember, decide wisely as your decisions will affect many events and future stories.

The interface is simple. It emulates a messaging service’s mailbox, where Sam is communicating with you, and you’ll choose what you think is best between several options to help him survive. Also, at the end of the day, you will be given statistics of the decisions other players took so you can have an idea of what the most reasonable thing was.

Metanoia Review

Metanoia Android game 2

It’s not necessary to have the app open all the time, neither it is necessary to reply immediately every message you get. Even with the app closed, the player will get a notification when there’s a new event and they’ll decide when they’ll want to check it out.

The game is paid, but is really worth the money; it can ensure you many hours of game, and if you like surprising endings, you will love this game. An Internet connection won’t be required, and once the app has been acquired, you won’t have to deal with advertising nor IAP, which makes the game pretty cool and gives it a certain attractive.

Don’t miss Metanoia out! You can download it from the Google Play Store and start having fun!



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