Metal Contra: Revive your childhood memories with this classic

For all those lovers of the old, classic games who see their childhood reflected in their screens when they play, this game is for you.

How many of us yearn for those retro action games?

I’m one of those and I know that many others like me, miss them as they were a part of our childhood, and we grew up playing them. That is why apps like these are so appreciated, as they revive a part of us sometimes we feel we have forgotten.

How not to remember a classic as Contra, with its absurd game difficulty and its limitless action? Well, the game is back in one of its best versions for Android: Classic Metal Contra.

Metal Contra Classic prev

This game we all played at home returns improved for Android; it’s not an emulation, but an app designed directly for Android. We know that there are several on the market, so what makes this different from the others?

Its finish does not only allow users to play a real video games legend on your smartphone’s screen but it was also modified so that it would represent an even bigger challenge

Think how difficult it was for many of us was to play this game when we were children; well, that difficulty has not disappeared and with this app we will be able to enjoy hours of fun and shooting.

Classic Metal Contra Review

Classic metal Contra 2

Classic Metal Contra is simple: you start with your character and a simple weapon, as you advance on the game, you will find more and more powerful guns each time, but with a limited ammo, so you need to know how to handle yourself into the world to not waste ammunition since when you run out of it, you go back to your basic weapon, which makes advancing more complicated.

The controls are fairly simple, a movement pad and two buttons, one for jumping and the other one to shoot. Quite a classic, but the possibilities are endless. Enjoy Classic Metal Contra, which you have surely played before, and if you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing.

For fans of action without control, shooting, enemies, explosions, evil giant machinery, explosions, many enemies, explosions, maximum difficulty and explosions, explosions and more explosions, this might be a true masterpiece of classic video games, now available on your mobile Android device.

It’s certainly one of them best versions of this game that exist for Android; we highly recommend it, and although it is a relatively recent app, we hope it gets regularly update and improved for the enjoyment of everyone, since this game has many possibilities in such mobile devices mobile as those that exist now.