Malevolent Machines: Steampunk shoot ’em up meets endless runner

Android Games: Malevolent Machine

90’s kids will always be 90’s kids; they have that essence within themselves, and it’s unchangeable. So, they can’t help the nostalgia when games like Malevolent Machines come out, mixing up the good old arcade style and the modern counterpart of his genre. However, it might fall out of the mark for many of these users: although Goodnight Games has made a good job with this game, it still lacks in a few areas. But there’s a certain charm to it on its stylishly ugly art style and its mashup’s essence between an auto runner and a shoot em up.

Malevolent Machine is indeed one quirky, amusing game, and it could easily make its way to your heart with its charms. And the tons and tons of action it contains. Despite not having too much to offer, it’s still greatly entertaining.  It’s just a shame there’s no much to it. We hope small tweaks in future upgrades

Malevolent Machines Features

It all starts with Dr. Leyla Green and her creatures. Dr. Green, who’s a mad scientist, led a lab in which she and her mischievous assistant created malformed beasts; that, until one day, Reginal von Cornballer, decides to turn against her boss and free all the horrific creations. The reason as for why the strangely named assistant does this is still unknown, but independently of it, Dr. Leyla has to get rid of all of the monsters that are plaguing the streets, or she’ll lose her funding. And they will screw up along the way, also.

So she soon hops into her gigantic pet robot, a war machine named Juggernaut, and heads out the streets in order to finish off the hordes of hideous creatures walking around, unleashed upon the world. Through 25 levels, our heroine will be running unstoppably facing the foes, fighting by the side of the Juggernaut, blasting their way through.

If you don’t read the app’s description on the Play Store, you might be a little lost when it comes to the storyline, as the game doesn’t explain too much. But that doesn’t really affect the playability, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Controls are fairly simple, maybe a little complicated to master. As it an auto runner, your characters run automatically; the hard part comes when moving the characters. In order to control the Juggernaut, you have to tap on the screen, and in order to interact with Dr. Green, swipe on the screen. But be careful: each foe has a different, specific way to be defeated.

Malevolent Machines Review

Unfortunately, there’s not much to Goodnight Games’ most recent release. There isn’t any upgrade system nor nothing else, nothing too exciting except for the occasional boss. Besides from that, there are a couple issues here and there with the controls and gestures.

Malevolent Machines has a unique design, a very particular art style; certainly, there’s an interesting – not bad looking at all – ugliness to it. It’s on the creatures that the Streampunk influence is the most noticeable, but it all ends up coming in a pleasant way.

If you’d like to give Malevolent Machines a try, you can download it from the Play Store for $1.99 on to your Android device. You can go straight into it clicking on this link.



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