Make It Rain: Love Of Money

If there is one thing in this world people are obsessed about, that is money. Money is the one only thing people don’t discuss about, but instead, just agree on its importance without hesitation: it is a vital part of our lives. It simply runs the world. And if there’s something corrupt even the purest heart, that would be money again; it can turn some people just addicted to it.

Now, you’d think a game about money would be absurd, and even boring; economics tend to be seen as something terribly dull. But having money is the sweetest feeling in the world, we all like it. And that’s probably the main idea on which Make it Rain: Love of Money was based and launched afterwards. After all, who doesn’t like money? 

Make It Rain Features

Make it rain android

Make it Rain: Love of Money’s objective is, just like in real life, to make as much money as possible. By swiping, you’ll earn more and more money, literally making it rain; the more money bills you swipe, the more money you earn, and the richer you get. Then, money can be used later to make even more money. The whole point is just to get a bunch of cash. Even if it takes something more risky. Even if you have to get involved in shady business.

Playing Make it Rain is utterly simple; you just have to swipe and make good choices. As it was already said: you’ll get cash as you swipe, and with the money you earn, you’ll be able to purchase upgrades, which will allow you to purchase higher denomination bills for you to swipe later on.

You just need to take good strategic decisions about how to handle the fortune you amass. You can venture capital and purchase, loan sharking or offshore drilling; also, upgrade a bucket where the app will store your money while you’re gone.

Once you get a good amount of money going on, government agencies will try to ruin your business; in order not to get this fortune thing out of your hands, you’ll have to bribe FBI agents and buy off those judges.

Train your strategic skills, you’ll need them.

Make It Rain Review

You will also be able to play with different currencies, from US dollars to Euros, to the Brazilian real, to Russian ruble! Even Bacon bills!

Make it Rain: Love of Money can be downloaded for free from the Google App Store; but its developers still make some money themselves, and the game offers in-app purchases, but it’s also ad-supported, so you will see a few ads here and there as well. Nothing unbearable, but you will be able to purchase an ad-free upgrade and other boosts.

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on your Android device and dive into this acquisitive frenzy!