Magikarp Jump: The next big Pokemon sensation for Android.

Magikarp Jump Nintendo’s new hit.

There is always a mythical element, a constant in the whole series we will always see reappear throughout the saga. In the case of Pokemon, there are many of these constants. However, Magikarp is definitely one of the most important. This small, funny and useless Pokemon that’s only capable of jumping is now star of its very own game!

All Pokemon fans in all its expressions know the emblematics: Pikachu, Charizard, Squirtle, and of course, Magikarp. This funny fish of which only skill is splash (we must stress this does absolutely nothing) has earned the affection of the entire community; and even from the same company Nintendo, who decided to give it merit with its own title. It is called Magikarp Jump.

As you know, Nintendo has several apps or games released for Android, such as Miitomo, Pokémon Go or Super Mario Run. Personally, we think Nintendo hasn’t been able to get it right with any of those; if anything, they were just little bumps in the road, without getting to be that important in the Play Store. Nintendo has a strong identity, and wastes it, or doesn’t show enough of it in these apps. For this reason, we can say they’ve finally come up with the key. Magikarp Jump is a success, and represents everything Nintendo has ever made.

Magikarp Jump Features

magikarp jump features

Magikarp Jump is a game in which your purpose is simple: train the best as possible your Magikarp. The player moves into a village in which the useless fish is considered an idol. People’s love for the karp is such there are even official magikarp jumping competitions.

You have to catch your own magikarp, feed it, and then try to win the 8 different leagues. There are no fights nor battles with other pokemon. As you overcome the leagues and jumping battles, you’ll level up your character. That will allow you to catch stronger magikarps, improve your magikarps’ pool, the quality of the food you give them, etc. Think of the game as a mashup between Pokemon and Tamagotchi.

It must be clarified that, although the game is called ‘Magikarp Jump’, it’s not a platformer. Interaction with your Pokémon is limited to indicating it which way to go, feeding it, and a series of mini-games that may even determine whether it lives or dies.

The game has its very own style. It is not a game like Tamagotchi, since there are more things that add value to Magikarp Jump. To begin with, it is loaded with bad jokes, everywhere. Literally everywhere. Jokes referencing karps, waterfalls, fishing… It’s non-stop. It gives it a casual, tranquil touch that even makes it relaxing in some occasions. Even the city’s Mayor joins the party; whenever he shows up, everything becomes a festival of humor right away. And what else? Well, at any given time, you can lose your Magikarp. Yes, we mean they can die.

Magikarp Jump Review

magikarp jump review

A hungry Pidgeotto, a Voltorb wanting to party… Your Magikarp can sometimes become a magnet for disaster. It can even become a prey to other animals; they might even evolve into Gyarados! But no, unfortunately Gyarads are not allowed in competitions.

However, in case you lose your Magikarp? You have to catch one with a cane and lots of skill.

That’s how this game is. It’s Nintendo biggest hit after dark time where they definitely couldn’t find themselves; where they failed to demonstrate that quality we are all used to. The game is free, but contains in-app purchases that will help you to advance more easily.



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