Madefire: the future of comics and motion books in Android

Reading has always been more of a passive activity, whether it was a physical tangible book, or an eBook, on a computer, tablet, or any other kind of mobile device.  You just have to get comfortable and turn pages with your own fingers or by tapping on a screen.

At this rhythm, as technology advances and time passes, it is no surprise that even books are starting to be replaced by their virtual versions, and comics are not an exception for this inevitable march of the future.

There’s already more than a few reading apps on the market for comics reading for android, such as Comixology.

Some publishing houses have their own apps, like Marvel and Dark Horse, where users can buy and read their work, but there’s this one revolutionary app that’s been on the market for a while, and which has become a lot of people’s favorite: this is Madefire.

Madefire a great comic Android App

Madefire preview 1

What’s so special about Madefire? Features and advantages

It is the completely innovative reading experience it offers it users, enhancing it by adding several traits such as animation, sound effects and music to create an immersive atmosphere to improve the digital storytelling.

With the help of Madefire, reading becomes everything but a passive activity. This android app not only encourages, but makes readers interact with whatever they’re reading because of its format. In order to read dialogues within word balloons or to reveal a new panel, the reader must tap on it.

The other aforementioned features only increase the level of impact and involvement it will have on the app users. Navigation through the app is quite simple and standard. The usual tap on an arrow to turn the pages and proceed to the next, and tap at the bottom to bring up a thumbnails bar.

Madefire’s library used to offer too little titles, but more and more have been added to it throughout the time. Something that still bothers some users is the lack of a “buy” button.

In order to purchase a comic, you have to download the preview first, where you’ll read a brief summary.

Madefire conclusion review

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Madefire is a strong digital reading platform, and creators have known how to keep the balance by making animation and sound effects powerful enough to deepen the experience instead of distracting the users.

This Madefire comic android app is available on many popular platforms as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and it can be downloaded for free. Such has been its success that it has even entered the VR market thanks to Magnetique, which was released at the beginning of October.