Luna Launcher: designed by a concerned father for all android kids

Luna Launcher for Android helps with every parent’s seemingly eternal struggle. When their children, who feel hopelessly attracted to their smartphone, insist the hell out of them to use the damn thing.

While manufacturers such as Samsung offers its users a Kids Mod. As it might not be of everyone’s liking, we present now Luna Launcher, an Android launcher which transforms the entire phone and makes it suitable for children.

Luna Launcher is an app that helps parents to make their smartphone usage properly suitable for their kids, since it offers features such as control of the app that can be used by children and how much time they can spend on it. The most remarkable is that it offers parents the possibility to configure the calls option through Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

Luna Launcher app has a simple, limited and colorful interface. It’s based on a white background where user’s programs and shortcuts are organized. To say that the color be converted among several which brings integrated.

Luna Launcher features

Luna Launcher preview 1

This entire start menu is editable. Kids will be able to make changes on the home screen; however, they won’t be able to change the settings of the programs that will be displayed. To create this you need a password, so that the app can guarantee parents a way to avoid apps being installed without permission as it will be only the adults who will have aforementioned password.

Those children cannot access to settings because of this password, but they will be able to customize the appearance of this screen.

With Luna Launcher app, you can control the time your child spends on the phone, which might be a concern for several parents around the world, because of the excessive usage of their cellphone by their children.

Luna Launcher hasalso a timer which will support you avoid it. Once the child has spent the given time for particular application or general usage of the phone, the device will be blocked with the password or a pattern.

Luna Launcher Review

Luna Launcher preview

It also has a YouTube widget with recent content from your subscriptions, playlists or videos and its own player for YouTube videos. You can add shortcuts such as for example “call dad”; parents will be able to see the usage of the mobile by them children in some sort of history, and also see the time they spent on each application.

Luna Launcher has a great selection of themes you can choose from to always empower your child with fun colors and designs for the proper use of a Smartphone. Another feature is that all these traits are easy to use and also come with small tools that will help your child learn how to browse through your Android device.