Light Manager LED: How to Change the Color of Your LED on Android?

Android apps: Light Manager LED For Android

Light Manager LED

In case you’re not familiarized with these, LED light is the light that usually appears in the upper part of the front of your phone, which lights up with each notification (WhatsApp messages, SMS texts, calls, etc.). Most smartphones feature a multicolor LED, although there are some devices that don’t have this component. For example, a large part of devices made by Motorola.
So, what’s most likely is that you don’t know there are specific app to become able to fully customize the way in which LED notifications work – obviously, in case the LED can be modified.

LED color changes are purely aesthetic, and many have gotten curious about how to change Android led color? So that you can fully customize incoming notifications. In addition, it makes it possible to differentiate between the different types of notifications you receive without even turning the screen.
The importance and usefulness of LED notifications is that it keeps us informed at all time. And in the case you can actually change the LED’s color in a way that you can set how you want to receive your notifications; therefore, taking greater control over what information comes in and how.

Light Manager LED Features

Light Manager LED review

To change the color of the luminous warning, we need the Light Manager LED application. This app runs in the background and hardly uses resources. Besides from that, it will allow us to both define a particular color for light as the speed it will flash for any type of app as other softwares do, like Ligth Flow. Everything added in to the notification system Android implements since its previous version, of which we already took good notice.
On its latest updates, this app has included support for Gmail and YouTube, which we can also modify by the notification color we’ll receive from each of these apps. Support for WhatsApp has also been improved and will be able to read each message through activation by specific words; this means if someone says “good morning”, we can define, for example, an orange color for the LED. They fixed several bugs as well, including one that affected the app settings. This is how Light Manager LED has integrated different apps to its catalog of notifications and customizations; this way, we can know even before we see on our screen what app is asking for our attention.

Light Manager LED Review

Getting a little into, in case you didn’t understand it all about the upgrade of Light Manager LED App for Android, this is so great it can even read words in our conversations in Whatsapp. For example, if someone greets us with a simple “Hello”, Light Manager LED will be able to detect this word and we can set it to use a green color for it. If someone asks “How are you?”, we may use a blue color and so we will know in advance what they asking. This is how powerful the program is.

Ligth Flow is much more known as app for changing our LED notifications, but Light Manager LED becomes a very viable alternative for this app. With it, questions like “how to change led color?” become easier, since each device can have different, complicated settings. But with Light Manager LED, it is really simple to change notification led color.
Definitely, it’s one of the best Android notification led app on the market right now. Would you try it out? It certainly looks cool. Tell us in the comments.



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