Moto G5 Series revealed

Now that we are just days closer to the most important technology event on Smartphones, the MWC 2017, many of the leaks are being confirming and also many of the Best Upcoming Smartphones of 2017 are coming out to the light officially and not only rumors as we had been seeing so far
One of these new smartphones coming out soon are the G5 Moto and the Moto G5 Plus by Lenovo. A middle range smartphone range that promises to remain on the list of the most selling smartphone of 2017 and meet all expectations. Now, let’s see what it has and if it’s really worth it, according to the leaked and given information.

Lenovo Moto G5 Leaks and confirmed information

The Moto G5 Plus will have a size of 150,2 x 74 x 7.9 mm, and its screen would be 5.2 inches with a FullHD resolution, which throws 424 pixels per inch. Inside, it will be led by the Qualcomm Snapfragon 625 eight core processor at 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB of storage with scalable and a 3,000 mAh battery with fast charge. The operative system will be Android 7.0 Nougat.
Meanwhile, the Moto G5 has a 5-inch screen with a resolution FullHD, a Snapdragon 430 processor with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of storage, also scalable. In this case, the battery is reduced to 2,800 mAh; however, we’ll meet again Android 7.0. We’ll also have fast charging on this the smallest model of the family.

Lenovo Moto G5 Specifications

Screen: 5 inch with Gorilla Glass 3
• Resolution: 1, 920 x 1, 080 pixels
• Processor: Snapdragon 430 of eight cores (1.4 GHz)
• RAM: 2 GB
• Storage: 32GB
• MicroSD slot: Yes, up to 128GB
• Operative system operating: Android Nougat
• Battery: 2, 800mAh with fast charging
• Rear camera: 13 megapixel
• Front camera: 5 megapixels
• Waterproof: splash-resistant
• Fingerprint reader: Yes
• NFC: No
• Bluetooth: 4.2
• Dimensions: 144.3x73x9. 5mm
• Weight: 145 grams

Other features: Wi-Fi 802. 11n, compatible with CDMA and GSM versions with one or two SIM cards
Others of the interesting things we can note in these specifications is that the new Lenovo Moto G5 has a NFC system. For the first time in all the Motorola G series; now that’s something that definitely drawn the attention of many of us.

Lenovo Moto Plus G5 Specs

Screen: 5.2 inch with Gorilla Glass 3
• Resolution: 1, 920 x 1, 080 pixels
• Processor: Snapdragon 625 eight-core (2.0 GHz)
• RAM: 2 GB
• Storage: 32 GB or 64 GB
• MicroSD slot: Yes, up to 128GB
• Operative system: Android Nougat
• Battery: 3, 000mAh with quick charge
• Back camera: 12 megapixel
• Front camera: 5 megapixel
• Waterproof: resistant to splashing
• Fingerprint reader: Yes
• NFC: Yes
• Bluetooth: 4.2
• Dimensions: 150.2x74x7. 9 mm
• Weight: 155 grams
• Other features: Wi-Fi 802. 11n, compatible with CDMA and GSM, versions with an or double card SIM

Lenovo Moto G5 VS Moto G5 Plus Difference in design

With regard to the design, these recent days has popped up a few leaks of photos from Colombia which confirm us the design we were already seeing and shows us the obvious differences in this new series of Moto G5 Design and also the difference between both models Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus.
Moto G5 will have some notable differences with respect to its older brother. The screen will be 5 inches with a FullHD resolution, and the terminal’s structure will be manufactured in aluminum, exactly the same as for the Plus model; although in this case we won’t find an extrusion so marked on the main camera, which indicates the clipping regarding photographic quality of the cheaper model.

According to what’s been informed, the aluminum back cover of the device is removable, as its battery. No doubt this is a detail we did not expect at this point, and that many potential buyers will appreciate.


Lenovo Moto G5 Leaks and rumors confirmed

On its front, in addition to the 5-inch panel, we’ll find the fingerprint reader. The user who has had access to the terminal, compares it to the OnePlus 3; so, we assume it will be a capacitive button, which in turn will also work as a reader sometimes. It will be accompanied by two touch buttons to the left and right, for multitasking and going back, respectively.

While it is true that las year Lenovo didn’t achieve to surprise anybody with its Motorola G series and its last Moto G4, in specifications and in nothing in general it was especially innovative but still managed to position itself is as one of the most selling smartphone of 2016 without problems. Now, with their new Lenovo Moto G5 series and the Moto G5 Plus, the company plans to emulate this success and has many eyes on them.



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