Learn, practice and win money with Flitto

Something that all Internet users are aware of is how bad most of the online translators are. Technology advances so much but we don’t see that translators are a little more effective. But it is not all the fault of the developers of these tools, we must consider that there are many ways to translate a sentence in one language, because what in a language means something, it wouldn’t have the same meaning in another language. That’s why here is this excellent application for Android, Flitto, a somewhat different translator.

What is Flitto?

Flitto is not a translator like Google Translate or any other of its type, this application is a type of social network or community of translators to help you translate what you need in an instant. This application works with a system based on points, every time someone makes a translation is evaluated and who correctly predict the best translation of this phrase or content, earn the points. If there are several valid translations, wins who has responded first. So every time you ask for a translation, the answers will rain down in an instant.

You can sign Flitto as a client, as a translator or both. Begin by entering your native language and then the language you know and which can serve as a translator, for example English- Spanish. Every time someone posts a content to translate, your device will notify the type of translation and the score that you would win with this translation. Then you only need to go to the app and put the translation that you see that fits. It takes a couple of days to check the translations and add the points to the winner’s account.

Why is this translator better than others?

Flitto Preview

The most famous translator on the internet is Google Translate, as we all know. What makes this tool not completely effective it is that it is a program that translates words and can’t grasp or understand the meaning of what you want to translate. With Flitto, meanwhile, you are in a community of real people who have studied or have knowledge of the language in which you want a translation of and can understand exactly what you want to translate. By the way, with the scoring system, both involved wins.

How can I make money with this tool?

Unlike any other existing communities of translators on the Internet, with this app you can make money while you practice and learn the language you want. This is possible using the same scoring system mentioned at the beginning. Once you have a stipulated amount of points, you can redeem those points for gift cards from any of the stores they work with. Sometimes they start translation campaigns in which you can register and earn double points. So do not hesitate if you have knowledge of a language other than your native, sing in Flitto to start earning points and learn in the way.