How to learn English with Andy English Speaking Bot

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Learning a new language can be a bit of a complicated process; not only you have to learn new words, but also new grammar, rules, semantics and even learn a little about a culture that was probably nearly unknown by you!

Most importantly, it takes a lot of time and dedication, but it can be fun and interesting if you like this kind of things. However, if you are not, there are several things that might help you improve and polish your skills; books, comics, music, even apps.

As technology advances, there are some of these available for the masses in order to facilitate us daily tasks: now, of your goal is to learn English, Andy English Speaking Bot is the app for you.

You will be able to practice this foreign language by chatting with Andy English Speaking Bot, a friendly robot designed for this purpose. Practice your English while you talk with this amicable bot.

In the meantime, not only will it teach users new things, but it will also help them refresh what they already know; new words, grammar, and special content like games and different exercises.

Andy English Speaking Bot

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After exchanging greetings and making small talk, you will realize you might have improved your sentence structuring and widened your vocabulary. By talking to Andy English Speaking Bot often, you will surely only improve your skills, as you use what you’ve learned throughout time and put in practice what you’ve learned recently.

Andy, the bot, will emulate a discussion, and after interacting with it, it will teach you new things, but if you can’t handle it, or maybe already know the content, you can stop it from imparting it by simply telling him to stop. Typing “stop” will make him do so.

Andy English Speaking Bot Review

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So, say goodbye to those availability problems you had with those friend you practiced English with, if you had any, to begin with. If you didn’t, your problems seem to be solved. Now, you’ll learn the language by actually putting in practice your knowledge; you won’t have to worry anymore about not being able to answer in a real world conversation, because then you will have already had experience with situations like these.

Your new bot friend, Andy, will do anything it can to help you in your learning process, teaching you basic communication basic skills.

You just have to download it for free from the App Store, or but the full version, Andy English Bot Unlimited, on your Android device and enjoy these experiences with technology’s advances while you still have fun.