Learn different languages with Duolingo

Learn different languages with Duolingo

Thanks to all the advances that technology have made we can do a lot of things that we couldn’t imagined that we could make from a mobile device. One of these great advantages of technology is the ability to learn new things through an app for your phone or tablet. In the play store we can find a lot of apps aimed at learning everything, from math to language. And it is this last one in which highlights our killer application, Duolingo. Begin to learn the most spoken languages around the world with this app for free.

How can I learn languages with Duolingo?

This application is available for Android and other platforms. This is a very interactive learning method, it works almost like a game and by translating words and phrases from your native language to the language you want to learn, you begin to retain information, and thus, to dominate a new language.

In Duolingo you’ll find a funny character, “Duo” a very charismatic green owl that will be in charge of your learning. The units of each language start from the basics; you can start learning a new language entirely from scratch, and move forward slowly until the more advanced level. The list of the languages you can learn is quite extensive, among them is the Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Esperanto, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Welsh, Hebrew , Vietnamese and Hungarian.

Each time you complete a unit you earn points, which become the fluidity that you have in that language. Each unit features a bar learning that you must keep full not to forget what you learned in the unit, so, every so often, the bar will decrease and you should make a practice session to make it full again. Each time you complete a unit, another unit is unlocked. The truth is that Duolingo is an excellent way to learn new languages in a very interactive and fun way.

What kind of benefits offers me learning with this app?

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The main benefit we can mention is that it is totally free, you can learn and practice the language you’re studying anywhere and at any time, it does not require internet connection to use it. Learning methods vary, each unit has several exercises, for example, you can translate phrases from your language to the language you are learning or vice versa, select the pairs between your language and the new one, practice pronunciation and more.

Something really good about Duolingo is that it is an institution that is recognized worldwide and once you finish the course you will get a certificate valid as any institution of language studies. Do not hesitate to start learning new languages with this entertaining application that will make you forget you are studying and think it’s a game. You can download the app for your Android device here. Begin today to practice, set your daily goal and learn in a very funny way.