Kathy Rain: A detective is Born

Kathy Rain A detective is Born

Point and click adventure games have been regaining quite the popularity lately; the genre, once one of the most attractive ones in the game market, drew a huge amount of users, making the audience grow to unsuspected lengths. This is why now point and click games are so well known, and a special place in people’s hearts, particularly the hearts of those who saw its birth and enjoyed them back in the day.

Then, no wonder there are so many point and click games on the Google Store, but only a few of them are really remarkable, just like in the case of independent developer Clifftop Game’s Kathy Rain.

Kathy Rain Features

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Kathy Rain is as dedicated as no other game to pay tribute to the 90s classics; setting, sounds, graphics. It’s all designed to send you back to the day, to more than a decade ago, with a compelling, original story. It’s a mixture of all of its traits that makes Kathy Rain such a good game.

Within the game, you’re Kathy Rain, a journalism student who returns home after her grandfather’s decease, just so end up investigating the context of his demise after he had been investigating himself other gruesome events. What starts off as something slightly light, becomes as the game advances into something more mature and darker.

Kathy Rain’s gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward; it’s just the regular point and click gameplay system. You need to find new evidence or information, which you’ll get while talking to other people, most of the time, and indie puzzle dispersed throughout the game of which solutions will be locked to one or two locations.

But don’t worry about the solutions too much; if you are stuck, Kathy will drop you some hints from time to time, so you can have some sort of ide of what you should be doing. Just try to think outside the box and you’ll do fine; the difficulty level is not particularly difficult, so it’s not that big of a challenge except for a few puzzles.

Kathy Rain Review

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The biggest mystery of the story won’t be revealed at the end of the game in hopes of a sequel, but that doesn’t make Kathy Rain an unfulfilling experience; in fact, it gives it some sort of different attractive.

If you want to try something to take you down memory lane, to your youth or childhood, back in the 90s, everything about this game is perfect for the task. Kathy Rain is definitely worth the $4,99 it costs, as its performance is simply splendid.




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