Just Eat: The Delivery Hero for Android hungry users

Whether you live alone or not, you probably went through this at least once in your life: you are home, got nothing to cook or you don’t feel like doing it, but you don’t want to just give up on satisfying your appetite either.

However, you just have a few choices: you can cook, make a call and get some take away delivered or starve. And you probably end up making that call. But before that, you need to decide and do some research about what places you can call, and what kind of food they sell, their menus, compare prices; all in all, it can be pain after a while.

But technology is changing the way we live nowadays, and this can be noticed in one of the most human aspects of our lives: feeding ourselves. Of course food would be one of the first things to be involved in these changes, so yes, of course the way we feed ourselves will change. People is every day more used to paying for their things online, and with this known, food delivery is becoming only more and more prosperous.

Therefore, it’s not a surprise that apps for this express purpose exist and less surprise that they exist on the android apps market. One of these is Just Eat. The app is totally free and it’s available on the App Store and Google Play.

Just Eat features

Just Eat preview

Just Eat is a platform that gathers information about thousands of restaurants and food delivery business around your area, to then facilitate it and provide users with it; all of this, online, so that you don’t even have to leave the couch. Just Eat moves the food from your favorite place to your house.

Just by signing up, we’ll be able to access to a list of all the available restaurants in our location. All the menus with their respective prices at the users disposal alongside with any other relevant information, such as discounts the restaurant might be offering, service hours or the user’s opinion.

Places will be scored in dependence of what the Just Eat community think of them. As the evaluation system is quite complete, users will be able to score quality, delivery and service. Besides from that, you just have to tap on what you want, add them to your order and confirm it. As simple as that.

Just Eat Review

What people like so much about Just Eat is the convenience it represents when the time comes to order delivery food. No more researching exhaustively, no more phone calls: with just a tap of your finger, thanks to Just Eat, you will speed up all that process.

The android  app is totally free and it’s available on the App Store and Google Play