Hellrider: An endless runner where players have to smash skeletons on the way

Hellrider: An extreme endless runner

Have you ever dreamt of being a notorious, cadaverous biker who rides his motorcycle through hell with the sole goal of smashing infernal creatures for fun?

No? Oh.

Well, anyways, we’ll introduce you to Hellrider, a one-tap endless runner where you control the particular being we just described in order to smash monsters and skeletons armed only with a bike and lots of adrenaline. Created by Anji Games, this game is everything the good lover of insane speeds was looking for. The extremely addictive and difficult game Hellrider involves as well a good portion of turns and twists that could make you cringe and swear, as players tap to avoid obstacles and accumulate scores.

HellRider app Features

That’s the only control: you just tap on the screen in order to switch your bike’s direction and to throw bombs from time to time.

You’ll start on map one, where you’ll have to navigate and smash skeletons to earn points; that’s basically what you’ll do until encountering a boss at the end of each map – bosses pop up and toss bombs to try to mess up with you. Luckily, that move can backfire on him, as you can use them against them; just be careful, every now and then, you’ll be thrown a 90-degrees orientation change that might make things a bit harder. At least, you’ll find little hearts scattered around throughout your journey, so you can use them as extra lives or shields.

You’ll also have to deal with different terrains and areas, each with different obstacles, so you’ll have to be clever and think fast! Strategies could make a huge, huge difference.

While controls seem relatively simple, you will find out eventually that they are in fact pretty hard to master; the whole learning process could take a while, and it can be frustrating for many people, but as you learn to dodge bombs and measure the slides, you can always practice and practice till becoming an expert. Think positively: Hellrider keeps players on their toes, and that’s a great thing most of the time.

HellRider Review

Hellrider Game has very attractive 3D graphics you’ll get to appreciate as you move forwards the different scenarios. Now, musically speaking, it has a super extended soundtrack of only 5 tracks; although it is good, it is something Anji Games lacks: an abundance of music. Could live with it, I guess, it’s not that bad of a thing.

If you’d like to give Hellrider a try, you can download it for free (link right down) from the Play Store on your Android devices.




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