Hatoful Boyfriend: Date the right pigeon

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There are hundreds and hundreds of weirds apps out there, yet, surprisingly, many of them are incredibly good apps. One of those weirdos you can find in the app market is Hatoful Boyfriend, a dating sim with an interesting, unexpected twist.

The premise has had many people doubting the quality of the content they pay for, but Hatoful Boyfriend is a pleasing surprise, we could say, and is far better than what one would think.

In Hatoful Boyfriend, all characters have been replaced by birds, but you, the main character, are still a human, stuck in a newly structured society.

The game is set in the prestigious school for gifted birds, the St. PigeonNations, where you’re a new student; at this new school, you’ll have to attend classes and pick a pigeon you’d like to date. Then, the game focuses on your daily life at St. PigeonNations and your quest for the perfect avian match, basically.

Hatoful Boyfriend Review

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With its absurd sense of humor, you are guaranteed a laugh or two, if you’re into this kind of games. Hatoful Boyfriend is packed with bird puns and jokes, which I love, and a fascinating narrative that many perhaps would have not expected from the game.

After you get used to the idea of flirting with a pigeon, you kind of forget you’re playing a dating sim. This is a game that’s worth your money, if you like strange, cynic humor.

As you attend to your classes and get involved into wacky drama, the story advances at the same time that you try to make advances with the bird of your affections as well.

For those who like flirting with every possible character while playing dating sims, you’re gonna have a bad time with the game, as people who don’t have their affections very clear are punished; then, monogamy is the only way with this game.

If you already chose a guy/bird, you’ll get to know him throughout the game, and you’ll be kept on your toes as drama and suspense builds up with every episode until reaching its zenith; unfortunately, as you have to focus on just one bird, you’ll be left with some unanswered questions by the end of the game.

Hatoful Boyfriend is more than a silly dating simulator, and though it has a strange premise, it is worth the $4.99 it costs.