Groopic: free and awesome Android Photography app

Imagine yourself in that typical trip or meet up or family reunion, where you guys want to take a group picture. So, for everyone to be on the picture you have two options:  either squeeze together and ask the person with the longest arms to take a selfie, or trust in the kindness and basic photographic knowledge of a stranger.

However, there’s another way: take a lot of pictures and interchange photographers so that everyone (except for one) is at least on a picture. It would be better if even the photographer was on the picture, because that’s most of time the aimed thing. Well, someone saw a necessity on this and that’s how Groopic for android was born.

Groopic features

Groopic preview

Groopic is a Photography app for iOS and Android devices meant for the “photographer” to be a part of the picture that he or she took.

The trick to make this work is to take two pictures. The first will be taken by the photographer, and the second by someone else; being the photographer of course, a part of this second photograph. The final step would be the fusion of both pictures and that’s it: that’s how easy it is.

The only downside for Groopic is that if you want to save these photos on your phone and share them on your social media, you will have to buy the Pro version; that would be an in-app purchase.

Also, the list of Android devices that currently support this app is quite limited. It does include most of the high end gamut of common devices such as the three versions of the Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, the Nexus 4 and 5, the HTC One X and One, and a few others Motorola and Sony devices

Groopic review

Once you have your group picture, Groopic will allow users to apply one of its several filters, if the users wishes to do so. The selection is not exactly wide, but it certainly is nice; however, if that amount of filters wasn’t enough for you, you can always save the photo or export it to another app if you have previously paid for the Pro version.

If you did so, you would be able to share or save the final result of what what’s become the picture by using any instant messaging apps. If you did not pay for it, unfortunately you won’t be able to do more than the fusion and keep it on the app.

Once again, Groopic is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play, so it can be equally downloaded on iOS and Android devices, respectively.