Google Allo versus Whatsapp

Google Allo

Allo is now available in the Play Store. This is the new instant messaging application that comes on the market and which is owned by Google. He not long presented Duo, which allowed video calls from your smartphone, but now competes in a different segment in which there are large rivals like WhatsApp, owned by Facebook since 2014. What are the differences between the newcomer and the veteran ago?

More of the same with Google Allo?

At first glance both serve the same purpose: sending messages to contacts who have the application. How could it be otherwise, you can talk to your contacts from private rooms or create a common pool for the better when sending organized attachments or voice notes. They are also present in both the famous emoji, which are a must in any messaging application that boasts.

So where lays the differences between Allo and Whatsapp?

To begin with, the most expressive users will find the Google app to be the most comprehensive one thanks to the pack of 25 stickers that brings, but if you want to give more emphasis to text can make it bigger. WhatsApp predictive keyboard also becomes obsolete before the ‘intelligent answers’ Allo. With a simple touch you will send a response according to the conversation or photo.

Speaking of images, you can also edit to your liking before sending from Allo, while from WhatssApp you have to do it in advance if you want to add some fun effect.

Google Allo Usage

Both applications encrypt their messages so they are absolutely confidential. Yes, they will remain in your history until you delete them. However, Allo has inherited from Chrome the incognito mode. We’ve already taught how to use it, but in the messaging app serves to create a ‘secret’ room whose messages are deleted as soon as you leave. All messages that two users cross in the chat will be forgotten, as if they never existed.

All controlled without leaving the app

Another difference between WhatsApp and Allo, perhaps the most important, is the behavior of the application. The first printing will be complicated when you want to find and share with someone a Web page or find something on the net. It is true that costs nothing pressing the shortcut button on your Android device to view the open programs and select the browser, but this process through Google Assistant is simplified.

For the first time, artificial intelligence sneaks into our conversations and we will be suggesting quick responses once it study the most common and simple words we use to answer. But its potential lies precisely in the search section. It works like Cortana in Windows or Siri in iPhone, so you can just type the command @google and your query. Instantly the most important results that will appear in the browser will appear.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has Allo rival to beat in terms of services, but the time factor and connectivity to your advantage because unlike the app from Google,you can make Internet calls to your contacts registered. Just wait to see what the user response to the newcomer and if he can catch up of the major applications of the segment or overcome them.