What is Google Allo? All you need to know

Google has always made very clear its interest in getting into the world of social media and instant messaging services. Google’s biggest competition has been Facebook for a while; they have tried to gain the upper-hand in its battle against Zuckerberg’s giant with Google+, but that bet wasn’t really worth it, and it ended up being a total failure.

Its struggles for Instant Messaging apps hasn’t really bear the expected fruits either; not even those last attempts with Hangouts and the company’s different services transversality has allowed it to put up a fight against this segment of the market’s leaders.

Facebook is not only the world’s biggest social media; the same company also owns the most used instant messaging app of the world, Whatsapp. Recently, Google has decided to venture into the world of instant messaging apps too, and has launched Google Allo.

One of Google’s biggest bets for this year seems to finally come to light. Google Allo is the technological giant’s instant messaging app, which will try to tackle great rivals such as Whatsapp and Messenger, both property of the Facebook Company.

The application, just like Google announced last May, will be available for both smartphones operating systems: Android, and the competition’s, iOS. According to experts, Google Allo’s first victim will be Facebook Messenger, although the objective is certainly put an end to Whatsapp’s dominance.

Allo is an instant texting app, which as well as its competitors, allows users to talk to both other people and groups through text messages, which might be sent in different font sizes and with stickers if that’s what the user wishes.

Google Allo Features

Google Allo Features

Google Allo is a high considerable bet. In Google’s attempt to overcome all its competitors, it has been creating an app with enough qualities to leave behind all of its adversaries.

This is a pretty recent app and it is barely facing its first update on the Play Store; but if something should be remarked, is the fact that Google Allo can be connected to Google’s Virtual Assistant, Google Assistant, the new creation of the company for Android devices.

Google Assistant is a software, capable of responding to natural language and which will allow, for example, the search information in the browser without leaving the conversation. Google Allo will have advanced artificial intelligence artificial its developers have placed in the app.

With this intelligence, among many other things, it will show suggestions for fast answers fast; for example, let’s say the person you’re talking to sends you a picture of a cute cat. Google Allo will instantly suggest phrases such as “oh, how pretty” or “what is tits name?” , which the user will be able to send just by tapping on a button.

The goal Google has set itself with Allo is ambitious: they want to achieve a perfect synergy between a bot, or virtual assistant, and talking app, and a user. Basically, Google Allo and Google Assistant wish to create a hybrid conversational level where the app can actually understand the conversation that’s taking place between 2 or more people, so that it can make certain suggestions.

The way in which Google Allo will seek, as its updates help are developed, to help and automate conversations with other people, is simply amazing.

Consider the company itself has given several examples of this; let’s say you are talking to some friends about going get dinner or going to a nearby club. The app’s artificial intelligence will come to light and save the user some time, investigating what are the closest and suitable places for your plans, prices, schedules and other information it can facilitate users.

Google Allo more than a messaging app

Google Allo emojis

Even just by saying or typing in the conversation “I’m hungry”, both apps respond to suggest suitable places to go eat in the surrounding area. It’s important to point out that users will as well be able to have chats separated with Google Assistant or include even include the aforementioned to your conversation groups or with friend, as in those previously mentioned cases.

All this will happen within the same chat window, in the most natural way possible, users are guaranteed by Google. The app offers fast answers without the need of typing a single word, as it is capable of learning as it is used. It includes “smart reply”, which suggests answers for messages based on the context, as well as other options to make the most expressive chats with ’emojis’, 25 packages of exclusive stickers and creative pictures.

We must mention that Google is a company characterized by forcing us to login with previously created Google accounts in all services; YouTube, Gmail, Google+ and others. Everything should be connected, something that might be annoying for many of us.

With this new app, it will not be so. Google Allo Messenger will not require an active account. It’s more similar to Whatsapp, in this aspect: only introducing our phone number will be enough for us to be able to use Google Allo without problems.

However, we must stress that although Google Allo does not need a Google account for it to be used, if you have one and log in with it, it is automatically synchronized with the app. Then, you’ll have a more personalized experience, since Google Wizard will use your account information to give you a better and more efficient service.

Google Allo Stickers and emojis

Google Allo Stickers

Allo Messenger gave special importance to the sticker issue. Users have expressed quite often they’d really enjoy a good sticker and how much these would influence at the time of giving the verdict of an app.

In this area, there is not many new things to offer, but let’s emphasize the fact that Google hired a select group of professionals solely to design their stickers to be used in this application, so they claim to be able to give us high quality and original ideas.

Like Facebook, Google Allo will have a store where you can buy stickers made by third-parties, so we’ll always have a lot of new stickers every time.

Another novelty offered by Google Allo, added alongside the many sticker and emojis, is Shouting or whispering. With these options, you can change the size in which our emojis or messages will be sent, so they will cause more impact or emphasize something specific. This action will take place simply by tapping and pressing on the button for a while.

Google Allo Security and Incognito Mode

Google Allo incognito mode

Allo will also be a safe messaging system. Messages will be sent encrypted from the server to the different participants. Google Allo will incorporate an incognito mode as well, that will encrypt messages point by point and store the chat history. Messages, in this way,may be set to be visible only for a limited time.

This incognito mode may be agreed to from one end to another, so that when really delicate conversations need to take place and preferably not be registered, you can make sure both you and the person you’re talking to won’t have access to it later, once the time has run.

This will only happen in Google Allo incognito mode; other users will have access to the record whenever you want as with any application.

Simple design, easy to use

Google Allo offers an easy-to-use messaging application  under a very minimalist interface. In the home screen, chats will displayed next to the button for create a new conversation, whether it be a private chat, a group chat, a secret conversation, or a talk with the Google Assistant bot.

Paint and personalize photos with Google Allo

Google Allo Ink

Allo allows us to submit creative photos drawing scribbles and adding texts to our images just before sending them. Of course, its editor is very basic: there is available just one kind brush (the thickness of it will never change), seven colors and one font, of which we can only change its size and position; there won’t be any kind of rotation, and you certainly won’t be able to change the color.

It’s somewhat like old PC applications, ideal for simple things and for having a fun time painting a little something. It also works for pointing out and marking something we want to be our main attention receptor.

Google Allo Review

Google Allo review

In general, Google Allo app will have all the options of any free texting app; as all messaging app, it will have with voice notes, which are rather simple to carry out. You just hold your finger on the microphone button while you’re recording, and then lift it to send it, or swipe left to cancel it. Just like with Whatsapp.

And yes, it will have a reading confirmation system, very similar to those in any messaging app. Through certain icons, Google Allo app will confirm if our messages have been sent, delivered or read. To see the time of any of these actions, you just have to tap on the conversation bubble message have that press on your sandwich.

In groups chat, only a double check will be displayed once all participants have read the message; in order to know what members have read the message, you would do the same as you do with WhatsApp : select the message and press on the info icon.

Google Allo Messenger app will also have the typical option for creating groups; nothing too different or innovative with respect to other messaging system. Groups have a maximum of 256 people, and you can select a profile picture and add a name.

Google Allo settings and options

Google Allo General Settings

Some options and basic settings of all texting app are present, such as deleting or resending messages, including multimedia files; allows users to mute conversations, change every contact’s notification tone, search, block contacts, erase a chat history or view the details of the chat.

Finally, within the settings, we will find the option to deactivate the automatic download of multimedia files you’re sent, disassociate our Google account, and configure sounds and notifications.

Google Allo updates

Android users will start receiving some updates that get Google Allo closer to other free messaging apps of the market as Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

But if there is a really important and remarkable update among all the others, is the fact that the app is now compatible with Android Wear; that was the most anticipated among all Android users.

It’s too soon to tell if Google Allo could consolidate a good place in the messaging app market yet; this market is a bit rough and apps that are already in it have been for a long time. Google is a company with the power and the ability to achieve success with messaging apps, but there is still has a long way to go before Google Allo can be even significant in users’ lives

The truth is that the app has a great potential, and this artificial intelligence thing has quite caught the attention of a large community of users. The fact that the app has an Assiatnt for our conversations turns it into something even more attractive. Now we only have to wait until Google is completely done with developing this application.