Google Allo Failure: Is Google Allo a success or a failure?

Google Allo failure explained


Google Allo had a very promising start: five million downloads in just five days. Its release was spectacular enoug; it even invited to believe that the app not would suffer the identical destiny as others of Google’s apps; they are very well received but in little time, they are forgotten by people. Unfortunately, a few months later after getting such good numbers, Allo is starting to live the identical whereabouts that others installments of the Mountain View’s Colossus. It’s failing by leaps and bounds in the world of instant messaging apps; it’s not even in the top 500 of most downloaded apps in the world.

Google had a strong promise to surprise us with its messaging app. But the pitiful attempt to dethrone or at least compete with apps like Facebook and Whatsapp Messenger ended up not being even a threat for these. In every sense, Google Allo was a failure.

Google Allo Rise and Fall

The app Google Allo came to Android phones last September with a few good ideas under his sleeve; it was a simple messaging app, well integrated to the operative system and with a very advanced Assistant that could do everything with voice commands. Not even because of these it has triumphed. Google Allo failure couldn’t be helped.

After breaching one of its safety promises and of capture some catching some more titles on it and how greatly the Assistant worked, it completely disappeared of the social media and almost anyone in the whole world has stopped using it, because according to the published on Android Police, citing an App Annie’s report, it doesn’t even figure anymore between the 500 most downloaded applications of Android.

Google Social Apps Failed Projects

why google allo fail

This wouldn’t be news if only it hadn’t been that it has kept going down from that position for weeks. Which confirms that Google faces yet another defeat, Google Allo failure. This is not limited to the world of instant messaging apps, where Hangouts or Duo have been successful, but also in the world of apps in general, where it seems that it is having a hard time entering the market with the same strength as other services that are on Internet as well. Google’s history failures is quite long, although by no means as extensive as its triumphs. Google + still does not have a wide user base, but is currently still working and improving. Sadly, Google Allo failure seems to be definitive.

Being Google Allo a Google official app, it has boasted its position on the Play Store. At least during a short time, it had something to envy, but it was a big fail since the very beginning with IOS users; to the date, it barely achieves to get a little more than 600 ratings.

Why was Google Allo a failure?

There are many determinants factors when the time comes to say the Google Allo was a resounding failure, and I think one of the primordial ones was time. Nowadays, many people are simply comfortable using their usual messaging services – moving on to a different one on a large scale is not really an option for many. This market is dominated by the masses at the end of the day and that’s how it is.

Apps like Whatsapp came out at the exact moment, when the niche was still new and too little-known to be established. We could say that Google Allo is better than Whatsapp; yeah, it is, but not better or innovative enough to provoke the exodus they sought. That’s other of the elements that contributed to Google Allo failure


  • The security topic on Google Allo failure was something very determinant; after the controversies the giant of Silicone Valley has faced with that rumor that they spy on our information from our searches on Google and facilitate it to companies as a business, nobody trusts Google anymore for saving with them information so precious as all our private conversations.
  • Google Allo, unlike Whatsapp (for which the encrypted occurs in both terminals in a very safe way), has all this serious, private information stored in Google’s servers, which generated distrust and discontent in their possible users. Many claim that with Google Allo, the developer should include at least as an option the end to end encryption.

Google Allo and another services

  • Another of the reasons why Google Allo has failed in winning a place in the market is due because it is still Google and its classic double intention of winning by force a place in the market. The app should include on it services such as video calls, which are very popular and used. With Google Allo, this does not happen and they pretend to force you to download other apps to do this as it would be Google Duo, fact that’s not of the liking of many.

Google Allo Failure Conclusion.

It is true that Google Allo has a very smart and useful virtual assistant; they have created an artificial intelligence capable of helping us in our conversation successfully. Though this was not attractive enough to catch users because its shortcomings could more than its virtues.

Google should learn how to listen to proposals to prevent another failure; proposes as it would be what many have asked different platforms for to be an option. That would be to delete a sent message before the other person can read it. That, among many others that can be seen often in the review of these applications. If only Google Allo had listened to what people wanted, they could have earned a berth in this niche.



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