Ghostery: A Tool that Stops Trackers

Ghostery: Stop Sites from Tracking You

Ghostery, the famous browser privacy and security related extension, has now an app, too. It is, to be more precise, an ad blocking browser extension, and it is one of the most renowned of its kind, both for individuals’ usage and for companies, as there is the Ghostery Marketing Cloud Management (MCM) version as well. As of 2016, Ghostery Inc.’s most popular program is available for most of the most important browsers; Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and many more. Now, we can have one of the very bests ad blocking extensions on our smartphone

Ghostery Features

Ghostery Inc (formerly Evidon) owns  since 2010, after it was fully developed by David Cancel and associates in 2009. Since its very launch, this program began to gain and collect an impressive amount of private conscious followers, until finally reaching the roughly estimated amount of 19 million users.

Even if you don’t know too much about technology and computers, the chance you’ll notice the different of what this program does are pretty high. It blocks tracking codes, and as a result, page loads speed up. Now, you’ll be able to have that on your Android device.

So, as we said, the app detects Java Scrip “trackers”  and blocks them, helping pages load faster, but unlike many other apps (or programs) its kind, it won’t actually “block” these “trackers” right away. Ghostery app is quite particular; it’s like no other app in the way it looks and works.

Ghostery Review

Whenever you visit a new page, the app button (which surprise, surprise, is a cute, little ghost) in the toolbar will show how many trackers it has detected on the website; in this way, you can block them yourself and pick which ones you want to block and which ones not. But if you don’t believe in forgiving only particular trackers, you can block them in bulks by choosing an option to block trackers by category. However, just remember, blocking them individually is just as easy; it just may take longer.

You can download the app by Ghostery Inc. on your Android device from the Google Play Store for free. If you’d like to give it a try and incorporate a new, cute little buddy to you toolbar, we’ll leave a link down below.



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