Geometry Dash World: One tap game series

Geometry Dash World: One tap game series

Our beloved Sweden based RobTop Games company has done it again: Geometry Dash World, their newest adventure from the Geometry Dash series, has been recently released. It is indeed full of the traits that characterized one of our favorite game series, bright neon colored obstacles, funny customizable characters, a challenging gameplay, the same sick beats and much more. It certainly promises not to let down fans of the series.

If you don’t know what the Geometry Dash games are, and have never heard of them, first of all, do you live under a rock? Geometry Dash is a side scrolling rhythm based game where you’ll guide your character, a cube, through a series of obstacles by tapping on your device’s screen one time. While it sounds easy as hell, let me tell you, it’s not.

As you advance through levels, it gets harder and harder; at the beginning, levels will be rated with smiley faces (because RobTop games does not believe in mainstream rating systems, instead, it uses emoji faces to rate levels), and as you go forward, you’ll find painfully deformed faces by anger. That’s sort of how you’ll feel playing the levels, they are a pretty good indicative.

Geometry Dash World Features

Geometry dash world android

The challenge, paired with original, sick beats, and auto-retry settings, will not only hook you up with the game right away, but also almost fall in love with it. It will be hard to put your phone down for a second.

Well, Geometry Dash World is slightly different, but not quite.
Imagine a mashup between the Geometry Dash series and Super Mario Bros. It’s as good as you would imagine: to the date, there are two worlds with five levels each plus a hidden level.

Don’t worry, more levels will be included in future updates; however, if you’re feeling a little too impatient, you can enjoy the Geometry Dash World editor mode. The level editor mode will allow you to create your very own level, and even access to a gallery of player-created stages. Besides from that, you can trade orbs collected throughout the stages in order to get new skins.

The game mechanics, as it would be expected, are pretty simple to learn and use, but difficult as hell to master: you’ll have to avoid obstacles by jumping over them using the help of your thumb or your favorite finger. Just be careful: this is very tricky.

Gravity is also of great help, keep that in mind, because obstacle won’t be only on the floor, but also on the ceiling of caves or just floating around. If you ever touch an obstacle, just the slightest contact, it’s an automatic game over for you, and you’ll have to start the level from scratch.

Geometry Dash World Review

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In the Geometry Dash series there’s no such a thing as a saving point. Unless you’re playing on practice mode, but that’s not the same. It won’t give you rewards. Nor the satisfaction to know you beat the stage, which is basically one of the main points of the game: to let it know although it is hard as hell, it can’t defeat you.

At least, you’ll be able to enjoy the Geometry Dash Word soundtrack meanwhile, which is absolutely bomb, and one of the biggest reasons why people like this game so much.

Geometry Dash Word is free and ad-supported; there’s no in-app purchases available so far, but it seems like there will be in a near future. You can download the game therefore for free on your Android device and enjoy the sweet frustration that playing these game series is.




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