Forest: Stay Focused, a Unique Productivity App

Forest: Stay Focused, a Unique Productivity App

Has it ever happened to you, that you’d like to concentrate on some important things you have to do, like work or study, or more simple yet nourishing things, like spending time with the people you love, like family or friends, but your cellphone keeps interrupting you and you can’t help but go and check whatever notification you’ve gotten?

I bet it has; and these events are often related to cell phone addiction issues. You have probably been lured before by the seductive appeals of a smartphone, but maybe you won’t have to worry about things like that anymore.

Forest: Stay Focused Features

As the Google Play Store has available some peculiar apps, it also has some really useful ones. And one of those oh-so-marvelous apps is Forest: Stay focused, which will help you cleans the distractions a phone might to and invest your time in other things besides from tapping on a small screen and continuously switching between different apps.

Whenever you need to stay away from your phone, plant a seed. Yeah. The app’s concept is pretty simple: when you need not to be distracted, plant a seed in Forest. Don’t touch the phone during the next 30 minutes, and your seed will grow into a big, beautiful tree; however, if you cannot resist the temptation, you will kill the tree!

One things that could make many users happy is that Forest: Stay focused will allow them to whitelist 3 apps (at most) for emergency us only; if you open whichever of the 3 apps once the timer has started, nothing will happen to your little, cute tree. But seriously, you should try this option for emergency use only.

Every day, you’ll get a portion of green, shiny grass, where you’re going to plant your daily forest; whether this forest is filled with withered trees or cute, little, bushy trees, it’s completely up to you.

Forest Review

One interesting thing I’ve been noticing is that as you use the app, you develop some kind of fondness and consideration towards the trees. Therefore, the more you use the app, the easier it becomes to leave your phone alone for a longer time and let the little tree grow.

Forest: Stay focused will help you improve your focus and productivity throughout the day, so, if you have a hard time trying to stay away from your phone for a while, you might want to give it a try.

Download the app for free from the Play Store, and start plating new, baby trees as soon as you install it on your Android device!



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