FIFA Mobile 2017 for Android

For those FIFA fans, your waiting has finished. The FIFA Mobile 2017 is now available on both the App Store and Play Store for you to download on Android and iOS devices. This year, it has also made its debut in the new Windows 10 Mobile, so any users who use the new operative system for mobile devices by Microsoft can mark goals nonstop.

FIFA Mobile Soccer 2017 is available for Android and other devices. The games on Android are something quite necessary for most users. Finding one that can allow us to spend hours playing is not easy, and many of the candidates end up uninstalled shortly. But there are other games on Android that take a step further, and which we have had for years

FIFA Mobile 2017 Features

Fifa 17 android

Playing a football game on an Android device can be rather complicated, but thanks to developers, that can has been possible for several years now without problem. In fact, writing these lines we get a little nostalgic, since one of the first football deliveries for Android we played on a Galaxy Ace, one of them first terminals Samsung ever launched to the market with Android.

With more than 30 leagues, 650 real teams and 17,000 real players, FIFA Mobile 2017 is the reference for all football fans. Available for Android since October, this football simulator by Electronic Arts version 2017 offers good graphics and a pleasant gameplay. In this new delivery, players also are displayed as more emotional and sensitive towards what happens during the game.

The new game improves in graphics and in gameplay, adapting itself yet better for smaller screens. It comes to us now with new game modes, such as the attack, which allows us to play online against other players from around the world. This will consume energy and then will have to wait to continue playing, but you can always pay to play as many times as you please.

FIFA Mobile 2017 Review

Fifa 17 android 2

FIFA Mobile 2017 does not have a campaign mode, but it does have a season mode where we’ll be able to play in the 30 different leagues the game can offer. We have all those players and teams, since FIFA Mobile has all the necessary licenses, something that not every football game has.

Another interesting element, well seen by its designer, is that the game has been completely rethought and designed exclusively for mobile devices, with a special download size of less than 100 MB, besides from being completely free to download.

The only inconvenient is that this app requires a permanent Internet connection, which can mean a problem for those people who in certain moments or hours of the day don’t have access to the Internet.