Fetch: rescue your dog Bear from a mysterious fire hydrant

Fetch: a lovely adventure


When talking about innovation, many think about new technologies, in devices that improve our daily life, in more advanced medicine and so on. But here on Reviewdapps, we think innovation can come from anywhere, disguised as anything; when saw one of them last releases of Big Fish, the popular company that, in our opinion, has the longest list of Android games we have seen on the Play Store, we knew this was innovation and that it was worth a try.

Big Fish Games is a company that has made us get used to their traditional hidden objects games, with which it has won a solid user bases. If you don’t know Big Fish’s games, we recommend searching for some of them; truth is they are very interesting and if you enjoy mystery and puzzles, it might be a perfect match. Going back to the topic, Big Fish gave us a gift we could consider a jewel of Android gaming:

Fetch Features

That’s Fetch: a lovely adventure about a boy and his dog. Or rather about what this child is willing to do to get his dog back. Fetch transports us to a cartoonish worlds with some seriously adorable graphics, in which we see embodied a child whose pet has been kidnapped by a mysterious hydrant; getting into the game, we’ll start living one hundred adventures to get our friend back.

With an endearing story, Fetch takes back their childhood those who have already left it behind, and shows them that special and strong connection that can exist between a child and their pet. So, the story is very endearing, to purest Pixar movie style. You will surely be able to enjoy it.

Graphically speaking, it’s not surprising. It’s a simple aesthetic, it was made to be so; Big Fish people hit the nail with the design and the same happened with the music, which we believe fits just right this lovely production.

In the adventure of this child to save his dog, he faces aliens, dinosaurs and more to get his friend back. In the same way, he also lives fascinating discoveries, such as a prehistoric Ocean and underground wonders. Unleash your genius building a giant robot, or driving a rocket ship, all with the purpose of saving the kid’s pet.

Fetch Review

The gameplay is quite simple, although some may seem a little confusing at the beginning; there are many colors and is very showy. That’s cute, but we aware that there are who can consider it annoying. The game is basically based on mini games, going back to the good old arcade style, leading the genre to a new platform on Android.

We know that platform-style games, there are many, but we do believe this you will enjoy. Especially those who feel a special connection with a furry friend of from their childhood.

All in all, Big Fish Games stepped out of their comfort zone to give us this little gem within Android games. We know many of those who are used to Big Fish traditional games may be surprised and perhaps even upset with this release, but if you give it a chance, we know most of you will enjoy it Original



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