Fast like a fox: One of the most fun and fastest platformers ever created

Nowadays, games for mobile devices have reached all kind of publics, at least all kind of variations among the video games public; there are games at least thousands people have played, such as the Candy Crush saga or Angry Birds.

Precisely the arcade games segment has gained such popularity, because it is in constant expansion, it never stops growing and offering new things.

There are already hundreds of games where you make the character avoid certain obstacles by tapping on the screen, but that doesn’t mean there can be no innovation, just like one of Android’s best games has shown us: Fast like a Fox.

Fast like a fox features

Fast like a fox preview 1

Lately it’s considered in vogue to offer new video games of which aesthetics follow a retro style, based on pixelated or entirely polygonal graphics.

Fast like a Fox does follow this style, but it proves that despite of that, it is one great game. It is one of those Track & Field games, where the character is a cute little fox and it is in an infinite race where we users must control its speed, while it runs rapidly on a track full of dangers.

This is a platform game in which the player investigates and tracks the location of the Golden Fox’s stolen treasures. So the character has to run on different places to gather as many lost jewels as possible, completing missions in as little time as possible. This is a pretty agile fox, so the user has to learn as best as possible to control it and perform a better game.

In spite of sticking to its genre, Fast like a Fox has a little something that makes it special and innovative: its gameplay.

In most games the character is always moving, but in this app things are a bit different. The character will only move if you tap your fingers on the back of your phone and the faster you tap, the faster the fox will move; instead you can make the fox jump by tapping on the screen.

Fast like a fox review

Fast like a fox preview 2

However, you can change this gameplay on the menu later on for a more classical one. It’s this unexpected combination on controls that makes the game so challenging and flashy and over all android addictive game , but it’s up to you and what you like the most.

You can download on any Android and iOS devices and it is available on both the App Store and Google Play.