Fantastic Beasts: A new Magical Reality

Inspired in the new film that takes place in the same world the fantastic creator of the Harry Potter saga created, here it comes to our phones a game those fans of the good old saga and new followers of this impressive film just can’t miss.

It is an interactive virtual reality game that sends us and let us dive into the Harry Potter world in this new history, full of magic and incredible creatures. This is an app any fan should get, although it only works with the new VR technology, but that is not an impediment to enjoy it.

Fantastic Beast Features

Fantastic beasts android

The VR technology is already among us, and in its mobile version is where it seems to get its potential more exploited than ever before, as it allows us to synchronize our phone and use it with a viewer to fully immerse us in a different world that’s compatible with this technology.

But all together will hardly find one world more fascinating than this. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has been in the cinemas for a while now and this app is the ideal complement for those that were fascination by the film.

The app allows us interact with the world, explore, cast spells and see the beasts fantastic around us. With its fascinating graphics, this game will give people a lot to talk about, being the one of the most waited for playable version of a film of the year.

The game itself is very interactive. We are put in the shoes of one of the main characters from the movie and it is our duty to explore this wonderful world; to move forward will, we have to solve puzzles and complete tasks that will unlock the next part of the story. The traditional operation of any game, and although entertaining, there isn’t much more to say about Fantastic Beasts

Fantastic Beast Review

Fantastic Beasts android 2

On the other hand, where really this installment shines is in its audiovisual part. From Warner Studios we get this game, therefore, we could expect some quality, and that is what it has; the graphic level is great, shocking, with beautiful landscapes and very surprising beasts all around, all accompanied of phenomenal music that fully immerse us in the wonderful, magic world of Fantastic Beasts

The application is available on the Play Store and as it was said before, to be able to play it, you have to have a device that’s compatible with the VR Google technology; those who are lucky enough to have with these complements, you can download, which, for now, is free, so that as many of you as possible can enjoy it.